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Act 3 of Episode 5 brings another new battle pass with plenty of new cosmetic items to VALORANT, and here is a rundown of all the items within. Some of the main highlights include the Iridian Thorn skins, Starlit Odyssey skins and Rune Stone skins. Plus, as is tradition, an Iridian Thorn knife skin waits for you at the last tier of the battle pass.

Episode 5 Act 3 Battle Pass rundown

To start, as is normal for battle passes, there are some rewards you can get for free. For Episode 5 Act 3’s battle pass, you can earn cosmetics such as the Corbin’s Light gun buddy, Starlit Odyssey Ghost weapon skin and some Radianite Points for weapon customization.

Episode 5 Act 3 battle pass VALORANT
The Corbin’s Light gun buddy. | Provided by Michael Czar.

But, to get all the rest of the cosmetics available, you need to purchase the battle pass. That costs 1000 Valorant points, which you can buy in-game for around $10. This puts you on the track to get every time along the way. Plus, purchasing the battle pass after already passing the premium tiers unlocks everything up to that point.

As for those items, as mentioned earlier, the skins revolve around three specific themes. For the Iridian Thorn skins, a Judge is available early on in the pass, a Sheriff at tier 16, a player card at tier 29, a Bucky at tier 30, an Operator at tier 45, a gun buddy at tier 47 and a knife at tier 50.

Episode 5 act 3 battle pass VALORANT
The Starlit Odyssey Ghost skin. | Provided by Michael Czar.

For the Starlit Odyssey, you can get the Guardian at tier 10, Vandal at tier 25, Spectre at tier 35, and the Ghost at tier 50.

Last but not least, the Rune Stones weapons consist of a Marshall at tier 1, a gun buddy at tier 2, a player card at tier 11, a Bulldog at tier 15, a Shorty at tier 20 and an Odin at tier 40.

In between, you have items such as a white flag spray, the Harbor ID player card, and some more Radianite points. Asides from more unique sprays and player cards, that covers the Episode 5 Act 3 VALORANT battle pass.

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