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VALORANT Patch 4.02,released on Tuesday, coincides with the 2022 Lunar New. To celebrate, the game has unveiled a Lunar Celebration Event Pass that will last for 15 days and allow all players to unlock free Lunar New Year-themed items as they level the pass up.

Furthermore, VALORANT has announced a Tigris skin line for the Lunar New Year that will presumably hit the VALORANT store after the Protocol 781-A Collection departs it.

Here are all the items in the Lunar Celebration Event Pass and how to unlock them.

Lunar Celebration Event Pass items

There are seven tiers in the Lunar Celebration Event Pass. All tiers total up to 63,000 XP, which is how much players will need to earn during the pass’ duration to complete it. Fortunately, completing three Weekly Missions will yield 82,320 XP, meaning players can complete the pass easily if they complete their Weekly Missions.

VALORANT lunar new year event pass
Tier 1: “Tiger” title. | Provided by VALORANT
Tier 2: “Lucky Tiger” spray. | Provided by VALORANT
Tier 3: 10 Radianite points. | Provided by VALORANT
Tier 4: “Fortune” title. | Provided by VALORANT
Tier 5: “Happy Dumpling” gun buddy. | Provided by VALORANT
Tier 6: 10 Radianite points. | Provided by VALORANT
Tier 7: “Wishing you happiness” card. | Provided by VALORANT

The Tigris skin line

The Tigris skin line is themed after the fact that this coming Lunar New Year is the Year of the Tiger. The line isn’t available in the store yet, but VALORANT has previewed the skins that will be available in it. There will be skins for the Phantom, Shorty, Spectre and Operator, along with a new Melee weapon. It’s currently unknown what price tier these skins will be in or whether they’ll have special effects, variants or finishers.

tigris phantom
The Tigris Phantom. | Provided by VALORANT
tigris shorty
The Tigris Shorty. | Provided by VALORANT
tigris spectre
The Tigris Spectre. | Provided by VALORANT
tigris operator
The Tigris Operator. | Provided by VALORANT
tigris melee
The Tigris Melee weapon. | Provided by VALORANT

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