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Anyone familiar with auto battler games has probably stumbled upon Riot Games’ Teamfight Tactics and have played it for themselves. But what some players may not know is that there are more ways than one to experience TFT action. Alongside the standard game mode which features the standard eight-player free for all, TFT actually has a couple of other modes for players to try out. For players looking for a co-op experience that will allow them to play with a friend there is Double-Up but for players looking to jam games quickly on a morning commute or in between business calls, there is Hyper Roll. The cool thing about these two other game modes is that there is a ranked ladder for players to claim glory but it works differently than the standard mode. Here are all the Hyper Roll ranks in TFT explained.

Hyper Roll ranks

Provided by Riot Games.

For the regular TFT game mode, the ranked system mimics the League of Legends system; it places players in different ranks from Iron all the way to Challenger, with players going through the divisions within each rank before progressing to the next benchmark. That system doesn’t exist in Hyper Roll, at least not exactly — there are no Iron or Challenger ranks or divisions within each rank.

Instead, Hyper Roll grants players a rating number similar to ELO which is used in games like chess and existed way back in the early days of League of Legends. After the five initial games used for rating placement, players will either gain or lose rating depending on their performance in each game. To make players chase for something outside of just a higher rating number, in Hyper Roll there are tiers that players cross when they hit specific rating point thresholds. These are all of the ranks in Hyper Roll that players can reach.

  • Grey – 0 to 1399
  • Green – 1400 to 2599
  • Blue – 2600 to 3399
  • Purple – 3400 to 4199
  • Hyper – 4200+

There are only five ranks in Hyper Roll; once a player hits Hyper Tier, they can continue to earn rating indefinitely with the aim to make it onto the ranked leaderboard displayed within the client.

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