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All Shiny Eevee evolutions in Pokémon GO, ranked

All eight shiny Eevelutions in Pokémon GO

As we’ve established, Eevee is definitely one of the cutest Pokémon in the franchise.

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If you’ve managed to capture this mon in any game, you’ve probably grappled with the whole “what do I evolve it into and how” question. Luckily, we’ve given you a handy guide on how to get every Eeveelution in Pokémon GO. Once you’ve added these to your PokéDex, you’ll most likely be on the hunt for shiny Pokémon, or shinies.

For the shiny collectors out there, you’re able to get every shiny Eevelution in the game right now. If you’ve got a perfect IV Eevee, or a special one, you’ll probably want to evolve it into a half decent shiny. Here are all Eevee’s shiny evolutions, ranked from best to worst!

Shiny Eevee does look very cute, but what if you want to evolve this cute little mon? (Screenshot by Upcomer)

Shiny Pokémon

Niantic has an interesting way of releasing shiny Pokémon into Pokémon GO. These special color variants are usually rare, and often require hours of gameplay to obtain. They are coveted by collectors, Pokémon GO even has a shiny PokéDex. Unlike the Nintendo games, shinies in Pokémon GO aren’t always available. Sometimes you’ll need to wait for a special event for a’ shiny variant to be released. Eevee is one of those Pokémon where the shiny variant was released at the same time as the normal variant. However, not all shinies are equal. Some look cool, and some, well, just don’t! There’s a long standing Pokémon tradition that there are three types of shinies:

  • The “cool” looking shinies
  • The shinies that look (almost) identical to the normal variant
  • The green shinies

Each of Eevee’s evolutions fall into one of the above categories. We’ll use this super robust (not really) system for ranking Eevee’s shiny evolutions.

1. Sylveon

It’s interesting that this is so high on the list, given Sylveon was only released in 2021. But that doesn’t stop this easily being the best shiny Eevee evolution by far. Why? Let’s look at the facts.

Shiny Sylveon has a massive difference between the non-shiny variant. Sure, you can almost say that it’s the exact opposite, but it’s so easy to tell them apart. The baby blue ears and feet and lovingly contrasted with the deep pink in the ears and ends of the ribbon. There’s also a lot more to play with since this mon literally has streamers coming out its ears which can be colored. If you haven’t got a shiny Sylveon, you are missing out!

2. Umbreon

Okay, maybe Umbreon is up on the list because it’s one of my personal favorites. I love the neon blue rings and stripes. Umbreon’s yellow eyes are a nice contrast between the original red. Umbreon’s body is also a slightly more charcoal color, complimenting the blue in a beautiful way. It is easily one of the best shiny Eevee evolutions.

3. Vaporeon

We had to score at least one of the original shiny Eevee evolutions highly. This purple ‘mon is super cool, especially if purple is your choice of color. Even if purple isn’t your style, at the very least, shiny Vaporeon is very easily distinguishable from its non-shiny form.

4. Espeon

Unfortunately, Espeon just had to fall into the “green” category. This shiny Eevee evolution just had to turn from silver to green. Luckily, it’s a green that’s actually palatable. If you had to have a green shiny, at least it is a cool neon green. If you like this type of electric green color then shiny Espeon is probably a good choice. That’s why we put it higher up the list.

5. Glaceon

At least a shiny green Espeon is very different to the standard Espeon Pokémon. The same can’t be said for poor Glaceon… or Flareon or Leafeon. Glaceon scores a little higher than Leafeon and Flareon because at least Glaceon’s different color blues are a more icy-looking blizzard blue.

6. Leafeon

Like Glaceon, Eeeve’s shiny grass evolution looks very similar to the non-shiny variant. At least the green turns into a more deep grass green color. Arguably Leafeon’s darker body colorings are more ‘earthy’, playing into its grass type. Thus Leafeon earns a few points.

7. Flareon

Unfortunately Flareon got the rough end of the stick when they were handing out shinies. Only Flareon’s fur seems to change color, and it moves away from the fiery red that defines this ‘mon. Certainly one of the lowest ranked shinies. As a ‘mon in itself, it still looks pretty cool. But why bother with this shiny when you can barely tell the difference?

8. Jolteon

This shiny Eevee evolution is half way between the “green” and the “almost identical” category. That’s why it got last on my list. I did think about having it in front of our “almost identical” Leafeons, Flareons, and Glaceons, but then I remembered that sickly green look that Jolteon has. If I didn’t feel the need to build out my shiny PokéDex and collect ’em all, I would have passed on this shiny Eevee evolution. Plus the non-shiny Jolteon variant actually looks way cooler.


When it comes to shinies, it’s really up to each trainer.

I like blue, so blue shinies are often going to win for me. If you’re wondering why some shinies like Vaporeon look so different and others like Flareon are almost identical, you might think the Pokémon creators were trying to prank someone. In some cases, maybe? It’s not officially known, however shinies seem to be determined by a mixture of coded colored palettes, and developer choice. There were possibility limitations of color in early games. Combine all this and maybe this could be the reason some cool, and some are just not. Or developers really are just pranking us!

So what’s your favorite shiny Eevee evolution? Do you agree with my picks?

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