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Fortnite Chapter 4 is here!

If you log into the game, you’ll see the new video. The trailer opens with the final scene we saw in Fortnite Fractures. Now that the Chapter has started we see the rest of the video. It teases some of the things players will find in Chapter 4. This includes motorbikes, The Witcher Skin, an Attack on Titan crossover, the Shock Hammer, new weapons, and even the ability to hide in snowballs.

If you’re keen to jump into the latest Chapter, check out all the Fortnite Chapter 4 Battle Pass rewards and how to unlock them.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Battle Pass

There’s a lot of exciting rewards available in the Fortnite Chapter 4 Battle Pass. There’s a lot of different challenges and rewards, including Midseason drops, and the Witcher challenges. These are available alongside the Battle Pass.

Battle Pass

If you can afford the 950 V-Bucks, the Battle Pass is well worth it. You’ll be able to complete challenges solo or with your friends and claim rewards. You can also spend an extra 2,800 V-Bucks to gain an extra 25 levels at any time throughout the season. The Battle Pass as reverted back to earlier UI looks where players can now scroll to see rewards. Once you’ve got the Battle Pass, here are some of the rewards you can get and how many Battle Stars, and levels required for each reward.

Initial Page rewards

Page 1 provides players with some bunch of basic starter items, including the Selene skin.

All Page 1 Rewards. (Screenshot by Upcomer).

Page 2 provides an animated glider to match Selene’s skin. Players can claim an additional style for Selene.

Page 2 Rewards. (Screenshot by Upcomer).

Players will be able to claim the Massai skin on Page 3 which appears to come with two variants; with and without glasses.

Page 3 Rewards. (Screenshot by Upcomer).

There’s a cool balance board emote on Page 4. Players can claim the Air Walker style skin for Massai.

Page 4 Rewards. (Screenshot by Upcomer).

Doom Slayer will be something DOOM fans will be busting to claim. You’ll need to reach level 26 to be rewarded.

Page 5 Rewards. (Screenshot by Upcomer).

Once you hit Page 6, there’s the Crucible Blade, along with the Astro Armor style for the Doom outfit.

Page 6 Rewards. (Screenshot by Upcomer).

The Dusty outfit awaits gamers on the Page 7 rewards.

Page 7 Rewards. (Screenshot by Upcomer).

You can claim an outfit style for Dusty and matching glider.

Page 8 Rewards. (Screenshot by Upcomer).

There’s an anime theme to Page 9 with lots of Nezumi items to claim.

Page 9 Rewards. (Screenshot by Upcomer).

Anime continues on Page 10!

Page 10 Rewards. (Screenshot by Upcomer).

Bubble tea fans will love Page 11, with the Boba tea back bling. There’s also the Helsie outfit to claim.

Page 11 Rewards. (Screenshot by Upcomer).

Boba fun continues on Page 12 with the plenty of Bubble tea items.

Page 12 Rewards. (Screenshot by Upcomer).

Get in touch with your inner warrior with the Ageless outfit, and shield back bling.

Page 13 Rewards. (Screenshot by Upcomer).

Finally, there’s the legendary Ageless bundle awaiting players who reach level 100.

Page 14 Rewards. (Screenshot by Upcomer).

Fortnite Chapter 4 Battle Pass Page Rewards

Each page has the option to claim 100 V-Bucks. If you can get to level 100, then you should have enough V-Bucks to cover your Battle Pass for the next season. Or you can just buy more skins!

Assuming the method for claiming rewards remains the same as previous seasons, players can claim enter pages if they have enough Battle Stars. In previous seasons, I have left it until the end of the season and claimed all the rewards with a single button click! You have until March 10, 2023 to level up and claim your rewards.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Bonus Page rewards

Once you’ve claimed all the Fortnite Chapter 4 standard Battle Pass rewards (ie. you’ve reached level 100 and used your Stars), you can start working on extra rewards. Bonus rewards provide lots of special updates and alternatives to items already claimed in the Battle Pass. Additional styles for Helsie, Dusty, and DOOM have already been confirmed. Bonus Rewards pages 4-6 are yet to be revealed.

Here’s what’s available on Pages 4-6:

Fortnite Chapter 4 Midseason Drops

Epic Games will provide players with various drops available throughout the season. Whilst we can see what will be available, there’s no indication on how players can earn these rewards. The Battle Pass is required, and we’re sure more information will drop soon.

Sunlit Selene, Thrasher Massai, Ember DOOM Armor, Away Game Dusty, and Ascension Nezumi will be available as Midseason Drops. (Screenshot by Upcomer).

But what about Geralt?

You might have seen Geralt of Rivia in the trailer, so where is he? Like Indiana Jones in the previous season, Geralt of Rivia will probably be available to Fortnite Battle Pass players who complete specific challenges. The Geralt skin and other Witcher themed items will be available later in the season.

Geralt won’t be available for another couple of months (Screenshot by Upcomer).

Better gameplay

Fortnite is (finally) utilizing Unreal Engine 5.1.

This means the game is now able to use all the features available in Unreal Engine 5. This includes Nanite, Lumen, Virutal Shadow Maps, and Temporal Super Resolution. In gaming terms, this means the game will look a lot more visually appealing. Players will see more detail in the game and Fortnite will perform much better on all platforms.

For example, Nanite makes use of better rendering technology to produce detailed architectural geometry. Thus the buildings will look more real and the trees will look more lifelike. Each include blade of grass will be visibly seen as they are each individually modelled. These will all be available to players in Fortnite Chapter 4.

Realistic detail in-game. (Image: Epic Games)

If you want to read more about each of the technologies, and understand the changes to video settings, check out the Epic Games blog post.

Did you miss the video?

Are you one of those players that skipped past the video and now want to watch it? You might find it in your lobby under the “notifications” box in the top right under your V-Bucks balance. Otherwise, watch the trailer below to see some of the new things available in Fortnite Chapter 4:

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