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One of your biggest choices early on in Nightingale comes when selecting what Difficulty Loadout you want to experience. There are four different Difficulty Loadouts in the game as well as different Realm Power settings, but today we’re just going to go over the Difficulty Loadouts.

Picking between the four difficulty settings has some major impact on your early experience in Nightingale. One difficulty setting allows you to breeze through the early game while another makes life extremely difficult from the get-go. Below, you can see a list of every single Difficulty Loadout option in Nightingale and which one you should pick.

All Nightingale Difficulty options

As previously mentioned, there are four total Difficulty Loadouts: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Extreme. Each loadout starts you off with different equipment, with the easiest setting giving you the most useful equipment and the hardest setting basically giving you nothing.

You can see a list of every Difficulty Loadout option and its description in Nightingale below:

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  • Easy Difficulty (Survivalist Prepper) – The best way to start if you’re looking for a relaxing experience and not too many hardships early on. You start with the best available equipment that allows you to be shielded from many dangerous elements.
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  • Medium Difficulty (Heedful Refugee) – The most balanced way to start Nightingale. You’re offered some decent equipment but life can still be difficult against the harshest of elements.
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  • Hard Difficulty (Unprepared Civilian) – A true challenge in Nightingale that doesn’t hold your hand whatsoever, but you’re still given a little amount of equipment to survive.
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  • Extreme Difficulty (Late Sleeper) – The toughest challenge you can bestow upon your character in Nightingale. You are given nothing but the bare essentials to survive.

Which Difficulty Loadout should you pick in Nightingale?

The difficulty setting you should select entirely depends on what kind of experience you want to have. If you want a peaceful survival simulator where you can focus on the lore of Nightingale and build a functioning shelter without much interruption, go with the Easy Loadout. However, if you want a hardcore challenge that pushes your skills to the brim, the Extreme Loadout is your way to go.

I chose the Medium Loadout since I wanted a challenge, but nothing too overbearing. You also have to think about your Realm Power setting, which affects the difficulty of the Realm you’re in, so don’t forget about that as well.