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MTG Arena‘s free giveaway codes are one of the best ways to add more cards to your online Magic: The Gathering collection, along with other rewards like cosmetics and packs! However, sometimes MTG Arena‘s codes can be difficult to track down, often being released on broadcast or as a part of some other promotion. Here at Daily Esports, we believe it should be as easy as possible to crack packs and sleeve up bombs, so we’ve compiled a full list of every code that is still active in January of 2020 so that you can do less searching and more playing!

Theros Beyond Death brings with it a barrage of new cards for Standard and beyond, and Arena players can redeem the code PlayTheros for 3 randomized booster packs of the latest set. However, it’s not just the most recent set that you can collect free packs for. Below is a full list of every currently active MTG Arena code.

MTG Arena Pack Codes

  1. PlayAllegiance – Redeems 3 Ravnica Allegiance packs – Expires July 1, 2020
  2. PlayRavnica – Redeems 3 Guilds of Ravnica packs – Expires July 1, 2020
  3. PlayWarSpark – Redeems 3 War of the Spark packs – Expires July 1, 2020
  4. OneBillion – Redeems 1 War of the Spark pack – Expiry date unknown
  5. PLAYM20 – Redeems 3 Core Set 2020 packs – Expiry date unknown
  6. Play Eldraine – Redeems 3 Throne of Eldraine packs – Expires July 1, 2020 
  7. PlayTheros – Redeems 3 Theros: Beyond Death packs – Expiry date unknown

Twitch Prime Rewards

Amazon’s Twitch Prime service is a godsend for the financially conservative Magic player, providing free loot for numerous games every single month. As of Dec. 3, 2019, Amazon Prime members can redeem a Twitch Prime promo code that will provide a 60-card blue & black deck called “Liliana’s Legion.” This deck features the powerhouse Planeswalker [c]Liliana, Dreadhorde General[/c] from War of the Spark. It also includes five other rares and mythics: [c]Dreadhorde Invasion[/c], [c]Sphinx of Foresight[/c], [c]Enter the God-Eternals[/c], [c]Gravewaker[/c], and [c]Commence the Endgame[/c].

Experience Codes

Thanks to recent changes to MTG Arena, the developers have allowed a few select codes that grant the player experience points rather than cards or cosmetics upon redemption. There are only two currently active experience codes:

  1. LevelUp – Grants 2000 XP upon redemption – Expiry date unknown
  2. BroughtBack – Grants 2000 XP upon redemption – Expiry date unknown

Card Cosmetic Codes

While there’s no equivalent of the coveted “foil” cards of physical Magic: the Gathering on Arena‘s client, there are free cosmetic upgrades to certain cards that feature an extended border and loose 3D effects.

  1. ParallaxPotion – Redeems [c]Revitalize[/c] card style – Expires Jan. 1, 2023 
  2. SuperScry – Redeems [c]Opt[/c] card style- Expires Jan. 1, 2023 
  3. FoilFungus – Redeems [c]Deathbloom Thallid[/c] card style – Expires Jan. 1, 2023
  4. ShinyGoblinPirate – Redeems [c]Fanatical Firebrand[/c] card style – Expires Jan. 1, 2023 
  5. SparkleDruid – Redeems [c]Druid of the Cowl[/c] card style – Expires Jan. 1, 2023
  6. OverTheMoon – Redeems [c]Arlinn, Voice of the Pack[/c] card style – Expires Jan. 1, 2023
  7. INNERDEMON – Redeems [c]Ob Nixilis, the Hate-Twisted[/c] card style – Expires Jan. 1, 2023
  8. SHIELDSUP – Redeems [c]Teyo, the Shieldmage[/c] card style – Expires Jan. 1, 2023
  9. WRITTENINSTONE – Redeems [c]Nahiri, Storm of Stone[/c] card style – Expires Jan. 1, 2023 
  10. ENLIGHTENME – Redeems [c]Narset, Parter of Veils[/c] card style – Expires Jan. 1, 2023

With these rewards in hand, any player should be more than ready to conquer the format of their choice as we move into a new decade of Magic: The Gathering. Stayed tuned with Daily Esports for all future updates on codes, cosmetics, spoilers, and competitive changes.