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With MTG Arena being such a huge hit, Wizards of the Coast has been sharing the love with some giveaways! We have 5 free codes from the Mythic Invitational and another 3 promotional codes. These codes mostly get you some cool cosmetics, but a few even give free packs! For more information regarding some of the new cosmetics introduced to MTG Arena, check out our breakdown of the March 27th update.

Without further ado, let’s get right to the good stuff.

[Update – May 22, 2019: A couple of new War of the Spark-themed codes are out! Make sure to grab your free packs and stained glass Arlinn Planeswalker skin before it’s too late!]


[Update – June 25, 2019: Check out these two new codes for 3 free random Mythic cards and a Narset card style!]

Mythic Invitational codes

The following codes were handed out at the Mythic Invitational not too long ago. With the intent of showing off the cool new full art card effects on Arena, all of these are cosmetic codes that give foil versions of common cards.

  • “SuperScry” gives you the foil version of Opt
  • “ParallaxPotion” gives you the foil version of Revitalize
  • “FoilFungus” gives you the foil version of Deathbloom Thallid
  • “ShinyGoblinPirate” gives you the foil version of Fanatical Firebrand
  • “SparkleDruid” gives you the foil version of Druid of the Cowl

Do not include the quotation marks when redeeming your codes.

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Additional Codes

But these aren’t the only codes available for MTG Arena. Check out these 3 bonus codes.

  • The “STARTERSTYLES” code (shown below) gets you the brand new foil effect versions of Luminous Bonds, Divination, Doomed Dissenter, Viashino Pyromancer, Llanowar Elves, and MeteroGolem. It also gives you a brand new card skin to use!
  • The “PlayRavnica” code will give you 3 free packs from Magic: The Gathering’s “Guilds of Ravnica” set
  • Using the “PlayAllegiance” code will give you 3 free packs from Magic: The Gathering’s “Ravnica Allegiance” set

Free MTG Arena codes include some new foils

Happy collecting!

You can redeem the above codes in the Shop on MTG Arena. Moving forward, it seems that MTG Arena codes will be routinely released with each new set. At least, that’s assuming that “PlayRavnica” and “PlayAllegiance” weren’t just two freebies. Hopefully, we’ll see more codes in the future as MTG Arena is fleshed out and as more sets come to be available for play!

Whenever there are any new codes or giveaways available, Daily Esports will be here to keep you updated!

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