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The newest Teamfight Tactics expansion, TFT: Monsters Attack! is the eighth set release in Riot Games’ popular auto-battler.

With the new expansion bringing in a ton of new changes including new mechanics, items, traits and champions having it all in one place is ideal to learn about who and what is in the game. Here is a complete list of all the champions and traits that are in TFT Set 8.


Provided by Riot Games.

A.D.M.I.N is a new trait that allows players to change the causes and effects each game. It’s essentially a build-your-own trait.

  • Blitzcrank (1g/A.D.M.I.N/Brawler)
  • Camille (2g/A.D.M.I.N/Renegade)
  • LeBlanc (3g/A.D.M.I.N/Hacker/Spellslinger)
  • Soraka (4g/A.D.M.I.N/Heart)

Anima Squad

Provided by Riot Games.

Anima Squad champions have extra Attack Damage and Ability Power. Whenever an Anima Squad champion kills another champion, they gain a stack of fame which grants permenant bonus health for each stack to all Anima Squad champions.

  • Nasus (1g/Anima Squad/Mascot)
  • Sylas (1g/Anima Squad/Renegade)
  • Jinx (2g/Anima Squad/Prankster)
  • Riven (3g/Anima Squad/Brawler/Defender)
  • Vayne (3g/Anima Squad/Duelist/Recon)
  • Miss Fortune (4g/Anima Squad/Ace)


Provided by Riot Games.

As long as a Civilian champion is alive on the battle field, all allies gain additional mana every two seconds.

  • Galio (1g/Civilian/Mascot)
  • Sivir (2g/Civilian/Sureshot)
  • Janna (5g/Civilian/Forecaster)


Provided by Riot Games.

As long as the trait is active, Gadgeteens will generate a random modified item that is stronger than normal completed items every round. The trade off is that they are not very durable and fall apart every two rounds.

  • Poppy (1g/Gadgeteen/Defender)
  • Lulu (1g/Gadgeteen/Heart)
  • Annie (2g/Gadgeteen/Spellslinger/Ox Force)
  • Zoe (3g/Gadgeteen/Hacker/Prankster)
  • Nunu & Willump (5g/Gadgeteen/Mascot)


Provided by Riot Games.

All LaserCorps Champions are assigned a combat drone that will attack whenever a LaserCorp champion attacks or is attacked.

  • Renekton (1g/LaserCorps/Brawler)
  • Ashe (1g/LaserCorps/Recon)
  • Yasuo (2g/LaserCorps/Duelist)
  • Senna (3g/LaserCorps/Sureshot)
  • Sejuani (4g/LaserCorps/Brawler)
  • Zed (4g/LaserCorps/Hacker/Duelist)
  • Mordekaiser (5g/LaserCorps/Ace)

Mecha: PRIME

Provided by Riot Games.

A spin-off of the Mech-Pilot trait from TFT: Galaxies. Use the PRIME selector to designate a PRIME. At the start of combat, the PRIME combines with the two closest Mecha: PRIME units taking a portion of their base Health and Attack Damage.

  • Wukong (1g/Mecha: PRIME/Defender)
  • Draven (2g/Mecha: PRIME/Ace)
  • Jax (3g/Mecha: PRIME/Brawler)
  • Sett (4g/Mecha: PRIME/Defender)
  • Leona (5g/Mecha: PRIME/Aegis/Renegade)

Ox Force

Provided by Riot Games.

Ox Force champions gain increased attack speed. When they would first die in combat, they become invulnerable for a short duration.

  • Talon (1g/Ox Force/Renegade)
  • Annie (2g/Ox Force/Gadgeteen/Spellslinger)
  • Fiora (2g/Ox Force/Duelist)
  • Alistar (3g/Ox Force/Aegis/Mascot)
  • Viego (4g/Ox Force/Renegade)
  • Aphelios (5g/Ox Force/Sureshot/Arsenal)

Star Guardian

Provided by Riot Games.

When Star Guardian champions gain mana, they gain more.

  • L:ux (1g/Star Guardian/Spellslinger)
  • Rell (2g/Star Guardian/Defender)
  • Yuumi (2g/Star Guardian/Heart/Mascot)
  • Nilah (3g/Star Guardian/Duelist)
  • Kai’Sa (3g/Star Guardian/Recon)
  • Ekko (4g/Star Guardian/Aegis/Prankster)
  • Taliyah (4g/Star Guardian/Spellslinger)
  • Syndra (5g/Star Guardian/Heart)


Provided by Riot Games.


While the trait is active, Supers give the entire team bonus damage that scales depending on the number of three-star units on the board.

  • Gangplank (1g/Supers/Duelist)
  • Malphite (2g/Supers/Mascot)
  • Lee Sin (2g/Supers/Brawler/Heart)


Provided by Riot Games.

Threat’s dont have any other synergies with any other unit outside of themselves. The Threat trait doesn’t do anything either. Instead, all Threat champions are inherently more powerful and have stronger abilities.

  • Cho’Gath (3g/Threat)
  • Rammus (3g/Threat)
  • Vel’Koz (3g/Threat)
  • Aurelion Sol (4g/Threat)
  • Bel’Veth (4g/Threat)
  • Zac (4g/Threat)
  • Fiddlesticks (5g/Threat/Corrupted)
  • Urgot (5g/Threat)


Provided by Riot Games.

The econ trait of TFT Set 8. Every time a player wins or loses a round, they gain progress towards their heist. Every nine progress opens a vault in which a player can take the loot or greed for stronger loot.

  • Kayle (1g/Underground/Duelist)
  • Ezreal (2g/Underground/Recon)
  • Vi (2g/Underground/Brawler/Aegis)
  • Sona (3g/Underground/Spellslinger/Heart)
  • Samira (4g/Underground/Suershot/Ace)



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