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VALORANT, like most modern-day shooters, has a lot of lore beyond the main multiplayer matches. Each agent has their own backstory and there’s a story that connects them all and explains why they’re fighting. We now know the VALORANT agent’s names and ages.

Every agent goes by a code name in-game. This is part of the lore but also is better for callouts while using comms with teammates. The code names are often related to the agent’s abilities but they also have a real name, all of which have been revealed as the lore surrounding VALORANT grew.

VALORANT agent names we know so far

  • Astra – Efia Danso
  • Breach – Erik Torsten
  • Brimstone – Liam Byrne
  • Chamber – Vincent Fabron
  • Cypher – Amir El Amari (أمير العماري)
  • Deadlock – Iselin
  • Harbor – Varun Batra (वरुण बत्रा)
  • Fade – Hazal Eyletmez
  • Gekko – Mateo Armendariz De la Fuente
  • Iso – Li Zhao Yu
  • Jett – Sunwoo Han (한선우)
  • KAY/O – No other name
  • Killjoy – Klara Bohringer
  • Neon – Tala Nicole Dimaapi Valdez
  • Omen – [REDACTED]
  • Phoenix – Jamie Adeyemi
  • Raze – Tayane Alves
  • Reyna – Zyanya Mandrogon
  • Sage – Lingying Wei (魏玲瑩)
  • Skye – Kirra Foster
  • Sova – Sasha Novikov (Саша Новиков)
  • Viper – Sabine Callas
  • Yoru – Ryo Kiritani (桐谷 諒,)

Two that probably stand out to you include KAY/O and Omen. Since KAY/O is a robot, he doesn’t have another name. Omen’s real name is hidden, as is his entire identity. You may have heard agents call him by a variety of names, however, including Fred and John. But his real name is unknown.