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Ubisoft has announced that Aim Lab is the official FPS training partner for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. The partnership goal is to help new and existing players assess their gameplay, train core skills, overcome skill plateaus and compete in challenges to unlock in-game rewards.

Founded by a team of neuroscientists, Aim Lab is a training platform for gamers of all levels. Aim Lab currently has over 10 million players using its service across the globe. It is designed to help all players reach peak performance by learning strengths and weaknesses and teaching how to overcome challenges.

“We [Aim Lab] are excited to develop the official training programs to help Rainbow Six Siege players of all levels master core skills and compete at the highest levels,” said Dr. Wayne Mackey, founder of Aim Lab. “Our goal is to deliver a fun and engaging experience while helping players win even more ranked matches.”

For the partnership, Aim Lab players will also earn in-game rewards in Rainbow Six Siege. That includes an exclusive Aim Lab skin for completing specialized training programs. Integrations related to the partnership will be available for PC starting in mid-June, with console integrations coming later this year.

Aim Lab continues to grow player skill in Rainbow Six Siege

Aim Lab has replicated Rainbow Six Siege physics into its training arena, to maximize the way players learn new skills. This includes player movements, weapon recoil patterns and various game environments. Aim Lab has also included graybox versions of the popular competitive maps Oregon and Clubhouse, for players to get a feel for how these maps play outside the game.


Throughout the partnership, Aim Lab will continue to build new ways for players to take their skills to a new level. It will also prepare them for upcoming ranked matches. The methods include new tasks and features that help teach specific skills like recoil control, entry fragging and more advanced concepts beyond just aiming and shooting.

“This is a great opportunity for players to grow with a tool recognized as the ultimate FPS/TPS training program for gamers of all levels and is a step forward in terms of players’ skills in-game.” Said developer Ubisoft on the Aim Lab partnership.

Both Rainbow Six Siege and Aim Lab are available to download on Steam.