Activision confirms Modern Warfare II will not have Zombies
Modern Warfare II
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Activision confirms Modern Warfare II will not have Zombies

The undead are not coming this year
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After the big global reveal trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II dropped on Wednesday, the publishers released some additional information as well. This information mainly came through content creators who were able to playtest the game early in Los Angeles, but according to Activision and these creators, Modern Warfare II will not feature any kind of Zombies mode. Instead, MW2 will feature a traditional third mode, Special Ops, along with the “DMZ” mode that’s been leaked and teased by Activision.

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Zombies is one of the most popular aspects of Call of Duty. Players fight through endless rounds of the undead while also completing Easter eggs steps and earning camos for their weapons, among other things. The past two games, Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard, have both launched with a Zombies mode. However, the latter mode in Vanguard was not well-received at all. Perhaps Vanguard’s lackluster attempt at Zombies is the main reason Modern Warfare II won’t feature the mode.

Of course, Modern Warfare games have also never featured any kind of Zombies. Instead, the developers at Infinity Ward opt for Special Ops. This is a cooperative game mode that sees players team up and fights endless waves of real-life enemies, using weapons items from multiplayer to fend them off.

Modern Warfare II will be the first time Special Ops has been included in a MW game since Modern Warfare 3 in 2011. Modern Warfare 2019 didn’t launch Special Ops, instead going with Gunfight as a third mode. Gunfight has been confirmed for MWII but won’t launch until after the game has been released. As for Special Ops, it’s unclear exactly what the mode will entail. The developers will likely divulge more details as we get closer to when MWII launches on Oct. 28.

Players will also presumably hear more about the leaked “DMZ” mode. According to leakers, this mode is like Escape From Tarkov, which has players gear up before trying to extract themselves from a map while collecting valuable items, fighting A.I. and other players.

Leakers have reported that the DMZ mode will feature a skin marketplace and receive large amounts of attention from developers. All of that remains unconfirmed, though, as Activision has only acknowledged the existence of a mystery mode in MWII.

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