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Just after the organizational high of winning VALORANT Champions, esports franchise Acend have revealed their entrance into the Halo Infinite scene. This roster is European, much like their teams in other esports, consisting of a French core in Kaci “Lqgend” Sabri, Shady “Shaady” Zer and Renan “Sica” Grall. Along with the addition of British veteran Michael “Snipedrone” Juchau, this makes up the European team.

The players’ path to Acend

All of these players are joining Acend from former European team Cartel, where the French core led the team to serveral victories in Europe. Since joining together in September of 2020, playing Halo 5, they finished first in 18 out of 22 tournaments. When Halo Infinite came out, Snipedrone joined their updated version of Cartel. With that addition in November of 2021, the team won both EU Opens and the EU Kickoff Qualifier for Raleigh.

Snipedrone is the only player with esports experience before 2020, having played for teams such as Epsilon Esports, Team Infused and Vexed. His experience stretches all the way back to 2013, competing in Halo 2 all the way to Halo Infinite.

Acend’s future in Halo

Now, with Acend taking on the Cartel roster, their organization has a team competing in the HCS Raleigh tournament. The expectations for this team are high, considering their past wins, but the short time that all teams have had within Infinite adds some mystery to how they’ll match up in Raleigh in the first official offline LAN tournament.

After winning VALORANT Champions, it’s time for the Acend roster to prove themselves offline in Halo Infinite, after winning every online tournament thus far.

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