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In their third match of Valorant Champions Tour Europe, Middle East and Africa, Acend lost on their best map, Bind, but won the series against G2 Esports. Acend have held an undefeated streak on Bind since August 21, 2021, when they lost the map to Gambit Esports. After going down 1-0 to G2 on their best map, the team fought back to win both Ascent and Split to win the series 2-1. After the 196-day streak of staying undefeated on Bind, this marks only the seventh time in their competitive history that Acend have lost on that map.

Acend got to choose the map thanks to G2 Esports losing a map ban because of a Riot Games ruling for the team’s use of an exploit in their match against SuperMassive Blaze.

A slow and surprising start

Not only was Acend undefeated on Bind for almost 200 days, but their life-time winning percentage on the map was 87%. However, G2 Esports came to play and took it to the 2021 VALORANT Champions winners on their best map. After starting the half up 8-4, G2 Esports kept up the pressure and won the map 13-7. Even with that map loss, an interesting stat about Acend’s record on Bind is their series record after losing on it. Despite only losing on it six times before this series, their winning record after losing on Bind was 50%. Acend’s Twitter account noticed the map loss, talking about practice while acknowledging Žygimantas “nukkye” Chmieliauskas’ play.

A convincing finish

Yet, Acend brought the series back on the next map, Ascent. After starting the map down 7-5 to G2 at halftime, the team brought it back to win the map 13-9, tying the series. Then it all came down to Split. While running the composition using the Omen and Cypher that Acend prefer on Split, Acend came back to their 2021 Champions form. The highlight of the map was Santeri “BONECOLD” Sassi’s Omen play, starting off the map strong to help build a significant lead for his team.

Despite their loss on Bind, Acend regained their composure and won the series against G2 Esports. They now sit at third in the group, awaiting Fnatic and Guild Esports‘ next matches.

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