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As with every week in Fortnite Season X, a Rift Beacon has appeared at a different POI. After bringing back old locations all season, the Rift Beacon has something extra special up its sleeve this time around. Thanks to leaks from the game files, we know that Kevin the Cube will make its return once the Rift Beacon activates. However, things will be a little different for Kevin this go-round.

Kevin the Cube making its way back to Fortnite

Last appearing above Loot Lake in Season 6, Kevin the Cube is one of Fortnite‘s most beloved characters. After having once caused havoc and uncertainty for two seasons, Kevin will now return to Fortnite as its own POI early next week.

However, the cube won’t be situated above Loot Lake like back in Season 6. According to the Week 5 loading screen, Kevin will be directly above Fatal Fields. This is backed up by the fact that a Rift Beacon appeared in the middle of that POI earlier today.

Rift Beacon Fatal Fields
The Rift Beacon that is currently located in Fatal Fields. Photo Credit to @ImEntoYT on Twitter.
Rift Beacon Fatal Fields
Photo Credit to @ImEntoYT on Twitter

As we can see from the above image, the basic design of the Cube POI remains the same from Season 6. Instead of having the Loot Lake house atop the island, though, there are various different structures from the Fortnite map. Here are some high-resolution model images of the POI thanks to @Lucas7Yoshi on Twitter.

Fortnite Kevin
What the top of the Kevin island POI will look like
Fortntie Kevin island
This will be Kevin the Cube’s first appearance since Fortnite Season 6

Although we know what the top half of the POI will look like, we still don’t know how the bottom half will act. In Season 6, the cube island over Loot Lake had a vortex beneath it, allowing for players to traverse to and from the island.

While we can expect something similar in Fatal Fields, there’s currently no information or images detailing how it will work. The Rift Beacon is expected to activate this weekend. Then, come Tuesday, Sept 2, Kevin the Cube will be back in Fortnite.

What do you think of the return of Kevin? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned to Daily Esports for all Fortnite Season X coverage.