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Sources “familiar with the matter” have reported that Nintendo will soon announce a new and improved model of the Switch. Considering the “sources” to this report, be ready to take all of this with a barrel of salt. Maybe a couple of barrels.

Bloomberg originally reported this info, and while the report appears to have merit, always be wary of such vague sources. Regardless, according to these sources, Nintendo is not going to join in the next-gen console wars of this holiday season with Sony and Microsoft. Its eyes are on 2021 instead with a new upgraded Switch model and a host of new games.

There is no concrete information on specs for the new Switch model, although the company is reportedly looking into a better computing processor and 4K high-resolution graphics. Considering quite a few games for 2021 are leaving Nintendo out of their next-gen plans for the Switch, it does make sense for Nintendo to want to directly compete against the processing power of Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X.

Possible new Switch games

To accompany the new console, Nintendo is planning to release a plethora of first-party and third-party titles. As Nintendo attempted to do with the Wii U, the new Switch games will cater to all players, from casual to hardcore. To further bolster their claims, these people have explained that this is the reason why Nintendo hasn’t released many games this year.

According to them, the new Switch model won’t even go into production until next year. The game company’s production partners are still busy producing Switch and Switch Lite consoles.

And that’s all we have from these people supposedly in the know. If this rumor is true, then one of the first questions on everyone’s minds will be regarding backwards compatibility. Also, with these new games potentially releasing next year, will they release for both consoles? If so, will they allow players to upgrade digital copies, similarly to the PS5 and Xbox Series X?

You can bet that we’ll be on top of any new Switch model news, so stay tuned!

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