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Another Rift Beacon has appeared on the Fortnite island in Season X. A weekly event, the Rift Beacons are first constructed at Dusty Depot then transported to a Fortnite POI. This indicates that an event will soon take place at that location (usually every Tuesday), altering the POI’s layout and appearance. This week, we have Paradise Palms and the desert biome.

There have been reports of Moisty Mire coming back to reclaim the southeastern part of the Fortnite map. Could that be what the Rift Beacon is here to do? Or will the event result in a mixture of the two biomes?

What’s the plan for the Rift Beacon?

Rift Beacon Paradise Palms
The location of the Rift Beacon near Paradise Palms in Fortnite

Located at the Truck ‘N’ Oasis gas station, which is southwest of Paradise Palms, the Rift Beacon lies in wait for activation. Whenever it does become active, it will emit a light and a rift will appear in the sky above it. Once this happens, we’ll have a day or two before an event occurs in the surrounding area.

The Rift Beacon usually becomes active over the weekend, and then the event takes place on Tuesday when the weekly update goes live. However, this Rift Beacon is different from the previous ones, as it’s not in a specific POI. Fortnite leaker @HYPEX gives us a look at exactly where the beacon is. Photo Credit to @HYPEX and @ImEntoYT.

Epic Games obviously put the beacon in the middle of the desert biome for good reason. Instead of just Paradise Palms changing, a majority – if not all – of the desert may be altered as well. Earlier in Season X, we reported that a location named “Moisty Palms” was in the game files. While not 100% confirmation, this does coincide with the Rift Beacon’s location.

Perhaps Paradise Palms will still stand but the area around it will revert to its original swamp biome. Or the southeast part of the Fortnite map could become both desert and swamp. We’ll just have to wait until next Tuesday to find out what Epic Games’ plan is.

What do you think the new location will be? Let us know in the comments below. Keep up with Daily Esports for all Fortnite Season X coverage.

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