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The metagame is starting to stabilize in the Teamfight Tactics: Gizmos and Gadgets expansion, and one of the premier comps for TFT Set 6 is the Scrap composition. In this TFT Scrap guide, Upcomer’s TFT expert and 16-time Master ranked player will give players everything they need to know in order to climb up the ranked ladder with one of the strongest compositions in the game.

Overview: Win condition and how to play

TFT Scrap Guide endgame
The dream board with Scrap. Jinx is the main carry while Ekko is there for utility. But Tahm Kench and Jayce are the real win conditions. | Provided by Mobalytics.gg team builder

The Scrap trait in TFT Set 6 is unique because the power that players get from it is from the number of items and components they have in play. The most exciting part of the Scrap trait is that those item components that are on Scrap champions are turned into random completed items at the start of combat each round. This is so powerful because it turns trash into gold. Scrap is a comp that doesn’t really care about certain items and makes the comp really flexible because of it. But it’s the secondary effect of the Scrap trait that makes the comp broken.

For every item component on the board, including those that are used for completed items, ALL champions on the board gain a shield based on the total number. In the late game, this shield is actually bigger than the total health of the champions. This makes your board unkillable while the carry champions have ample time to wipe out enemy boards.

Additionally, there are a ton of ways to blow the game based on augments. Binary Airdrop, Junkyard and any of the Scrap hearts or emblems just add to the shields that Scrap gives. Cybernetic implants are also impressive. But the biggest win condition is Tahm Kench. If players can get an early Tahm Kench that can farm items, it’s a wrap.

Essentially, Scrap is the comp to play if you are not comfortable with your item start and hit one of the item generating augments or a Scrap augment.

Early-game: Levels 3-5

scrap level 5
Trying to get four Scrap on board as quickly as possible is key to early game strength. | Provided by Lolchess.gg team builder

In the early game, players should still try to prioritize Jinx or Ekko items, since those will be the late-game carries. Bow is optimal but, as said previously, items don’t really matter. Getting your Scrap units to two-star as early as possible is important though. Depending on the first augment, it may or may not be feasible to get to four Scrap at Stage 2-1. If a player has a chance to pick Scrap heart or Scrap emblem, they should do so.

At Level 3, players should make sure to have two Scrap champions in. At Level 4, if there’s an opportunity to have four Scrap champions in, then do so. If not, try to just play the strongest board with a bruiser or bodyguard frontline and Ezreal and another damage dealer like Caitlyn in the backline.  At Level 5, it should be pretty easy to play four Scrap champions — in which case, it’s time to win streak.

Mid-game: Levels 6-7

Scrap level 7
At Level 7, it’s time to look to hit the six Scrap interval to push advantages into the late game. | Provided by Mobalytics.gg team builder

During Stage 3, there may be a chance to get in the six Scrap champion interval. This can happen if a player finds a Janna at Level 6 or has a Scrap heart or emblem from augments. Try not to shotgun items unless they are Morello’s for Ekko or Hurricane for Ezreal. Spread the rest of the components out to maximize the Scrap synergy. If players cannot field a team of six Scrap champions, continue to play the strongest board with just four Scrap champions, and more bruisers if you are lacking in frontline or champions like Caitlyn for more backline damage.

If players have an opportunity to level to seven, to fit in six Scrap champions at Stage 3-5 and still be above 30 gold, they should do so. The power spike players get from the six Scrap synergy is massive. If there isn’t an opportunity to get six Scrap in at Stage 3-5, then just wait until Stage 4-1 to level to seven. At Stage 4-1, players should roll until all of their Scrap champions are two-star, except for Janna, and until they have the six Scrap trait active. Players should try to not roll a lot of gold because they need to find Jinx, Tahm Kench and Jayce to be able to win the game.

Late-game: Levels 8-9

TFT Scrap Guide level 8
At Level 8, players should find Jinx but, if that fails, Tahm Kench and/or Jayce can bail you out. | Provided by Mobalytics.gg team builder

Players should be Level 8 at Stage 4-5. If they are not at that point, then going to Level 8 at stage 5-1 will have to do. Regardless, players will need to stay at Level 8 and continually roll down to zero to be able to find Jinx, Tahm Kench and Jayce in that order. Jayce can either be a frontline tank or a backline damage dealer, depending on item components. He is important in the comp because he is an enforcer that pairs with Vi. Vi is also important because she gives Jinx the Sister buff that will allow Jinx to pop off in fights. However, Tahm Kench is the most important champion the comp, even though he isn’t even a Scrap unit.

The late game is a little tricky because, depending on augments boards, it may look a little different. For example, if a player has a scrap heart or emblem, Ziggs is not necessary. Instead, players can either add another Scholar, Enchanter, Bruiser or Twinshot, depending on factors. This comp rewards player intuition to know what is needed.

But, if a player can manage to hit Level 9 with their board upgraded, Tahm Kench should be enough to snowball the game. A fully capped Scrap board is always going to be good enough to top 2. The comp at a base level is still great and will almost always be a free top four.

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