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The metagame is starting to stabilize in the Teamfight Tactics: Gizmos and Gadgets expansion, and one of the premier comps for TFT Set 6 is the Urgot-Chemtech composition. In this Chemtech guide, Upcomer’s TFT expert and 16-time Master ranked player will give players everything they need to know to climb up the ranked ladder with one of the strongest compositions in the game.

Overview: Win condition and how to play

TFT Chemtech Guide endgame
The optimal composition to shoot for in the end game. | Provided by Lolches.gg team builder

The goal of this composition is to build a strong enough frontline for the combination of Urgot and Jinx to power through the enemy team’s board. Both champions need time to ramp up, but when they get swinging, they hit hard. The Chemtech trait is perfect when it comes to building a strong frontline since it comes with built-in health regeneration. This allows the frontline tank units in the Chemtech trait to stay alive a lot longer than usual. The trait is also good for the main carry of the composition, Urgot, thanks to the extra attack speed.

To win games with this composition, players must have upgraded all their frontline units, an upgraded Urgot with top tier items and another pseudo-carry like Jinx (or if a player has a bunch of AP items, Viktor). Players should consider playing this composition when they land an early Chemtech emblem or heart, a lot of Bruisers, or an early Urgot. As for other strong augments to pick up for this comp, Instant Injection, Chemtech Overload and other generic, good augments like thrill of the hunt are useful.


Chemtech level 5
A standard level five board. Caitlyn and Vi are there for the Enforcer synergy. | Provided by Lolches.gg team builder

At level three, players should prioritize building the strongest board possible. This means aiming for a stable frontline and a good backline unit that can carry Urgot items. One of the best units that fits that bill is Ezreal, since both units utilize the same items. In the early game, players should consider shotgunning at least one item after the PvE rounds. Some options are Runaan’s Hurricane, Static Shiv and Guardian’s Angel.

To complement Ezreal, players should look for some early game bruisers like Trundle, Illaoi and Vi. Singed, a Chemtech unit, is also a very strong front line unit. A standard level three board would consist of something like Ezreal, Singed and Trundle. Caitlyn is also a good item holder as well.

At level four, players should add in another Bruiser to turn on the trait. At level five, players should consider either adding another damage dealer or another frontline unit depending on their upgrades. If holding Chemtech units would not cost a player hitting econ thresholds (such as 20 or 30 gold) then go ahead and pick up Lissandra or Zac along the way. In the case of Zac, players can elect to play him over another Bruiser.


Chemtech level 6
At level six players should look to finally get the Chemtech trait online. | Provided by Lolches.gg team builder

After Krugs, players should level to six at Stage 3-2 and make a few different moves. If a player has the above level five board and feel they are strong, they can simply throw in another Bruiser or a Chemtech unit. If a player has an opportunity to have three Chemtech units in, like Zac, Lissandra and Singed, then go ahead and play those. Players should also address their items at this point.

For players with a bunch of gloves, Infinity Edge and Last Whisper are ideal. If a player is able to make a Morellonomicon, go ahead and put it onto Lissandra. Otherwise, hold item components for Urgot.

Urgot has two item pathways that are very strong. The first utilizes the aforementioned Hurricane, Shiv and Guardian Angel. The other build utilizes Infinity Edge and Last Whisper over the latter two items. In both builds, Hurricane is a must-build item. After the Stage 3 carousel, consider which path is more likely and build toward it.

level 7
Level seven is where Urgot finally comes to play. Provided by Lolches.gg team builder

At Stage 3-5, consider leveling to seven if you have the econ and the HP. Otherwise, wait until Stage 4-1. At Stage 4-1, it’s time to start rolling. Players should roll until they hit an Urgot and a strong supporting cast. A standard level seven board consists of three or five Chemtech units including Urgot and a Twinshot unit to support the Urgot. There is a chance that a player doesn’t find an Urgot on the level 7 rolldown. While this is unfortunate, players can consider using a different four cost champion as an item holder, like Jhin, Yone or Fiora, until they find Urgot. If a player believes they are strong after the rolldown, save up gold and look to go to level 8.


level 8
Here is what a comp should ideally look like after going all in at level eight. Provided by Lolches.gg team builder

By Stage 5-1, players should be level 8. It’s at this point players need to go all-in on their board and have a very strong frontline of Zac, Dr. Mundo and Lissandra for the Chemtech units, supported by two other bruisers, as well. Optimally, these would be Vi and Tahm Kench.

Of course, Urgot needs to be two-star at this point, as he will be the main carry. Jinx is the optimal secondary carry at this point in the game. To round out the composition, players should look for Viktor to trigger the five Chemtech synergy threshold. If Viktor can’t be found, then Singed can still function as a decent frontline tank.

If players have a Chemtech heart or emblem, instead of Singed or Viktor, players can look to add in a support unit like Janna or Yuumi. Both would trigger the Scholar trait alongside Lissandra, which helps out a ton by generating extra mana.

As for items, excess damage items should go Jinx. Tank items should be thrown on Mundo, and Tahm Kench should hold a Chemtech Emblem if there is one. If a player has the opportunity to hit level nine, then they can add in another support unit like Taric, depending on where the Socialite hex is. This composition at full strength rarely loses and it’s a guaranteed top four if you hit.

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