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Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies has become one of the most popular free mobile games ever since its release. However, there are tons of different origins and class combinations. The purpose of this guide on Rebel champions is to help players understand how they work.

Champions with the Rebel trait and synergies

Rebel champions are an origin category in Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies. When paired together on the battlefield, Rebels receive a shield and additional attack damage. There are seven champions with the Rebel origin; Malphite, Ziggs, Aurelion Sol, Master Yi, Sona, Jinx, and Yasuo are all considered Rebels. Meanwhile, the number of champions for maximum Rebel buffed abilities is six.

In order for players to decide which champions to bring into their pool, players must be sure to pay attention to their items. For example, if you find yourself picking up a lot of attack damage items, try swapping out Malphite for Jinx. Another great champion to add is Miss Fortune if Jinx is equipped. Jinx and Miss Fortune are both Blaster class champions, and when combined they both receive extra attacks.

On the other hand, Master Yi and Yasuo are both blade-masters and can combine together with an additional blade-master pick late game. By having Ziggs, players will also receive the Demolitionist class and can pick up Gangplank for more damage and stuns.

Best items to use for Rebel champions

Some of the best items for the Rebel origin composition include Seraph’s Embrace, Guardian Angel, and Morellonomicon. Seraph’s Embrace works well with Ziggs, Aurelion Sol, and Miss Fortune. Meanwhile, Guardian Angel can be placed onto Gankplank and extra attack damaging items can go to Jinx. The key is to give Jinx, Aurelion Sol, and Ziggs as much damage as possible.

Additional tips for utilizing Rebels

During the early game, Ziggs and Malphite are great for carrying, so try to take advantage of their damage. As for champion placements, when Aurelion Sol is surrounded by champions it reduces the amount of damage taken, which will allow his shield buff to last longer. The accompanying video features an example of a full Rebel composition by Redox and more tips and tricks for playing.

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