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Pokémon UNITE has recently released for the Nintendo Switch console and the MOBA is already showing signs of competitiveness. Players that want to climb the ranked ladder fast and do it with a hyper carry that can’t be stopped should consider playing Cinderace. We’ve put together a guide on how to play, build, and pilot the game’s true ranged hyper carry.

What is Cinderace’s role

Cinderace is a ranged hyper carry similar to a Marksman in League of Legends. Cinderace’s role in the team is to clean up fights when enemies are low while staying safe and poking from a distance until then. Typically, Cinderace will look best in top lane but can fit well in bot lane too. Cinderace excels at kiting enemies and being able to turn around fights in an instant thanks to its UNITE move, Blazing Bicycle Kick. Cinderace is also a fantastic 1v1 fighter if players trust their mechanical skill. Essentially, if players like to play ranged hyper carries in other games, they will feel at home on Cinderace in Pokémon Unite.

Players should try not to engage in teamfights until Level 7 when Cinderace hits its final evolution. Once Level 7, Cinderace gets access to Blaze Kick which increases the Pokémon’s outplay potential in a 1v1 fight.

Best items to use on Cinderace

Best held items for Cinderace
The three best items to use on Cinderace, which gives it a mix of attack power, attack speed, and movement speed. Provided by Nintendo.

When it comes to held items, Cinderace wants to maximize on damage output. Three fantastic held items to use on Cinderace are Muscle Band, Float Stone and Attack Weight.

Muscle Band is a simple but effective item that gives Cinderace additional attack power and attack speed, the two most important traits on the Pokémon. The special ability of Muscle Band is also very good as it gives Cinderace even more power when auto attacking enemy Pokémon.

Float Stone gives Cinderace Attack power and movement speed which allows Cinderace to kite more effectively. The special ability of float stone lets Cinderace move even faster out of combat, which gives it fantastic gank potential in the mid-to-late game stages.

Attack Weight just gives Cinderace more attack power but the item lets Cinderace snowball out of control. The special ability of Attack Weight is that it increases Cinderace’s attack every time it scores a goal, which can truly flesh out Cinderace’s hyper carry role.

As for Battle item, Eject Button is ideal as it allows for Cinderace to go in, make a flashy play and get out.

Best build order for Cinderace

When it comes to which moves to go for, the two best moves are Blaze Kick and Feint.

Blaze Kick allows Cinderace to close the gap on a Pokémon running away. It can also help Cinderace engage a fight. Furthermore, the move crits and burns the enemy Cinderace hits. This may seem counter-productive as it puts Cinderace in danger, but thanks to Feint and the movement speed buff from Float Stone, it really isn’t.

Feint is Cinderace’s best utility move if players can time it right. Feint gives Cinderace increased movement speed, makes it invincible, and removes all hindrances. Essentially, it’s Cinderace’s get-out-of-jail-free card. This move can flat out dodge enemy moves while also cleansing any debuffs on top of making Cinderace move faster. The trick with this move is timing but once a player gets the hang of it, Cinderace can take on anyone.

Cinderace’s UNITE move is Blazing Bicycle Kick. This AoE move lets Cinderace kick a giant fireball at an enemy and creates a large explosion. The attack also gives Cinderace more movement speed after the cast. The go-to play with this move is to engage a teamfight and use the increased movement speed to chase down any enemy fleeing combat.