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A new Kaldheim spoiler quietly made its way online, suggesting some powerful red and black berserker synergies are coming to Magic: The Gathering. The Bloodsky Massacre is a 3-mana enchantment that creates creatures, draws cards, and helps ramp out a bigger threat. While much of Kaldheim has yet to be spoiled, The Bloodsky Massacre may be a key card for aggro decks in the future.

The Bloodsky Massacre, at its worst, is a three mana 2/3 creature with menace. While it isn’t great, it is still a cheap creature with some evasion. On its second turn, The Bloodsky Massacre draws players a card at the cost of 1 life whenever a berserker attacks for that turn. Card draw is at a premium in aggro decks and is likely to give players the chance to draw up to 3 cards depending on their board state. The final step for the sage grants its controller red mana equal to the number of berserkers attacks, thereby allowing players to ramp out a major threat or powerful spell to kill their opponent.

The Bloodfire Massacre, the latest Kaldheim spoiler

Similar to History of Benalia, The Bloodsky Massacre struggles against mass removal spells. A big board wipe like Shatter The Sky can make the second and third abilities mostly useless. Players will have to play smartly around removal spells, keeping creatures with haste in reserve.

In the current Standard format there are only three berserker creatures, and one of those three is green. The other two aren’t great either. Five other Kaldheim berserkers have been spoiled so far, but only two are likely to see any play. Arni Brokenbrow is a berserker with haste, but also takes up that three mana slot that The Bloodsky Massacre does. Magda, Brazen Outlaw is a two mana berserker but may fit more into a dwarf deck.

Thankfully, Kaldheim is also bringing back the changeling creature type, giving players a lot of new creatures to fill empty spots. For more on the Magic: The Gathering spoiler season, make sure to follow Daily Esports.