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8 of the best teams to manage in FIFA 19 Career Mode

As we currently have little information about FIFA 19 modes apart from Ultimate Team and Kick-off mode, we can’t say that we know what Career Mode will have to offer this year. However, if the Career Mode community hasn’t given up on the mode yet, then EA won’t be any time soon either. Therefore, we will look at some of the teams that could be great to manage in FIFA 19 Career Mode.

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When searching for the best teams to manage, most players will be looking for a number of things that merge together in one club. These things include the following:

  • High budget
  • Large squad
  • Young squad
  • Realistic features

Most of the time, players will go for Premier League teams, as they have the full licensing for previous FIFA games. This makes the game feel a lot more realistic and fun to play. However, FIFA 19 has every top league fully licensed. This means real face scans, stadiums, kits, and broadcast packages in the game. This will allow players to go for a variety of teams outside of the Premier League for this season. In this article, we will look at teams from the world’s top leagues, and discover which team will be great to manage based on information from previous FIFA titles and real-life accomplishments. Of course, players can use things such as financial takeovers among countless other perks to make your Career Mode easier; however, I will be discussing teams based on their default budgets and default squads.

Premier League

Manchester United

Manchester United have the highest budget in the game. This means that you will basically be able to buy any player that you want in the game. If this does not tickle your fancy, then you can play the game acting as Manchester United’s new manager. You will surely do a better job than Jose Mourinho currently is. Their starting squad includes young gems such as Marcus Rashford, as well as world-class talents such as Paul Pogba, Romelu Lukaku, and Alexis Sanchez. This team alone could win every championship that was put in front of them. However, with the addition of plenty of new players, it would be easy. This is just a fun club to use in Career Mode every year due to the flexibility that you have as a manager. You can pretty much do whatever you want, and you’ll still succeed.

Wolverhampton Wanderers

A previously promoted team, also known as “Wolves,” will be a great team to manage to glory in FIFA 19. There is a reason that they made the promotion look so easy last season. Their flurry of Portuguese players such as Ruben Neves and Joao Moutinho will make Premier League football look easy. They have so much potential in players such as Adama Traore and Raul Jimenez. Finally, as they were just promoted, they will have a budget of roughly $35,000,000. This will ensure that you have enough funds to bring in one marquee signing, or a few young players that will become great over time.

Ligue 1


Paris Saint Germain, also known as “PSG,” are another team with basically unlimited funds. As well as being one of the best teams in the French division, they are probably the richest club in real-world football. This was evident when they splashed out £200,000,000 for Neymar Jr. in 2017, making him the most expensive player ever. As well as having a huge amount of funds, they possess players such as Kylian Mbappe, a player who has just won the World Cup at 19 years old. His potential is through the roof; he will most likely become one of the best players in the world, besides being one of the best players in FIFA 19 with all-new 5-star skills. Playing with PSG will allow you to have so much fun in FIFA 19 Career Mode.

LOSC Lille

If you are looking for a challenge in FIFA 19, you should look to Lille in Ligue 1. They are a less capable Ligue 1 team, only narrowly dodging relegation last season. Their squad may be weak now, but they do not have an outfield player who is above the age of 26. This is insane for Career Mode play. This means that each player will certainly have room to grow in terms of rating. If you can survive the first few seasons, you will certainly be challenging teams such as PSG and Monaco in Ligue 1, as well as challenging for the Champions League title.

Serie A


With the new addition of Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus is set to be one of the best teams in the world. As well as this, the Italian giants are set to win everything in their path with a world-class squad. If you were to choose this team in FIFA 19, it would be extremely easy to stomp on every team on your path to world dominance. Players such as Paolo Dybala and Douglas Costa also show that there are young players in the squad. As well as being one of the best teams in the world, Juventus will have a large transfer budget in FIFA 19. It is likely that you will be able to sign whomever you want at the snap of a finger.

AC Milan

A team of the past in many ways, AC Milan would be a great team to steer to glory again in FIFA 19. They may not have a great squad in real life, but they are full of potential with players such as Gianluigi Donnarumma and Patrick Cutrone. This team also has a large transfer budget of $40,000,000, meaning that you will be able to sign a lot of young stars for your team, or just buy a new center-back since Bonucci has now left. It would be great to see AC Milan back at the top of world football.

La Liga Santander


Barcelona is one of the three great teams in the Spanish league. Along with the Madrid clubs, they dominate this league. They have a great squad with Lionel Messi, arguably the best player of all time, as well as prolific strikers like Luis Suarez and magicians in the midfield with Phillipe Coutinho. They will have a huge budget in FIFA 19, which means that you could further improve this squad to dominate all Spanish competitions, as well as European glory.


RB Leipzig

RB Leipzig finished second in the 2016/17 campaign for the Bundesliga title. This shows that they are a team to be recognized when it comes to challenging the big dog, Bayern Munich, in Germany. With players such as Timo Werner, Germany’s number one striker, and Emil Forsberg, you will start off with a great squad. However, you will still have a challenge when it comes to challenging Bayern Munich, as well as other teams in European competitions. You will most likely start off with roughly $50,000,000 for a transfer budget. You could be creative with this budget by buying new players to help challenge other teams, or you could buy one player to carry your team to glory.

Which team will you be using in FIFA 19 Career Mode? We’d love to hear from you. If you enjoyed this, you can check out our other FIFA coverage here.