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5 Hidden Mobility Tricks for Overwatch Healers

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Right now, a short GIF is making waves on the Overwatch subreddit. It showcases a new Mercy super-jump.

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By hitting crouch and Guardian Angel at the same time, Mercy can give herself a substantial vertical boost. This helps her reposition, sight her allies, or escape attackers. Many of the commenters are wondering whether or not Blizzard is going to nerf this strat into oblivion. The Overwatch developer traditionally patches out any unintended physics behaviors (as edge-boosting Genjis can attest). But I think Mercy has a good chance of holding onto this particular strat. For some reason, healers seem to be the only characters who consistently get to keep their hidden mobility tricks, and in this article, I’d like to cover the ones I find myself using most frequently.

Mercy’s glide boost

This is definitely one of the easiest mechanics on this list, and you’ve probably already discovered it if you’ve played more than a few hours of Mercy since her September 2017 rework. When targeting a teammate with Guardian Angel, pressing jump will cause Mercy to slingshot forward and maintain her speed. Mechanically it feels like an extra horizontal jump, and it’s great for dodging enemy fire.

Moira’s fade jump

When Moira fades while running forward, she gains a horizontal speed boost. If you jump off an appropriately slanted map object, you can translate that momentum into a vertical boost, which lets you vault to platforms that are otherwise unreachable. My personal favorite spot is this platform on Anubis that gives you a great view of the entire point:

Check out the subreddit r/MoiraRollouts to see many different fade jumps that can help you traverse Overwatch‘s maps.

Brigitte’s Shield jump

Mechanically, this strat works very similar to Moira’s fade jump. The only difference is that Brigitte must be airborne when she charges into a tilted map object. Admittedly, I have more trouble getting shield jumps to work than fade jumps. That aside, they’re definitely still useful tools to keep in your back pocket.

The subreddit r/BrigitteRollouts isn’t that populated, but it has many good jumps in its archives.

Soldier 76’s Helix Jump

Soldier counts as a healer, right?

By shooting his helix rockets at his feet immediately after jumping, Soldier 76 can give himself a minor vertical boost. This can be combined with midair sprinting to gain enough horizontal distance to reach a faraway ledge. Considering that Soldier is one of the most mobile offensive classes, helix jumps are a useful tool for quickly repositioning.

Lucio’s bunnyhopping

Unlike the rest of the moves, this Lucio mechanic is less for reaching unintended locations and more for getting the most out of your speed boost. Whenever Lucio breaks a wallride, he gains a minor speed boost. Players can maintain that extra speed by jumping every frequently after he touches the ground.

Lucio’s bunnyhop takes its name from a similar-looking mechanic found in games on the old Quake and GoldSrc engines. Despite similarities, Lucio’s bunnyhopping mechanic is far, far easier to pull off.

r/LucioRollouts is far and away the most active rollout subreddit on the internet, and you’ll quickly see that many of the regulars use the wallriding boost or bunnyhopping to maximize their speed while reaching the objective.

Overwatch is one of the best shooters on the market for healers who like to be mobile. Don’t trust your team to keep you alive, take your survival into your own hands!