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We have reported in the past on high-profile professional Fortnite streamers raising tons of cash for charity, but this story is more personal. Today, we bring you the heartwarming story of 13-year-old Canadian Twitch streamer ZylTV. This Fortnite player for the past five days has been streaming 10 hours a day to raise much-needed funds for his father who is fighting stage 4 rectal cancer. I am happy to report that he was extremely successful, raising $13,000 CDN for his dad’s medication and care. It’s never easy for anyone to fight cancer, nor is it easy for children of a parent fighting this horrible illness.

13-year-old Fortnite streamer ZylTV on Twitch raises money for dad to fight cancer
ZylTV on Twitch. Source: The Gamer

The young Fortnite Twitch streamer shared his father’s story

Here is the story in ZylTV’s own words that he posted encouraging people to donate:

My father was diagnosed with stage 3 rectum cancer on September 14, 2018. His cancer spread to his lungs and liver which brought him to stage 4 cancer. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy. These are the circumstances that the doctors gave him: No chemo 1 year death, 3 years chemo 20% live. Please !donate anything you possibly can. All money will go towards funding his medication. Much love from me and all of my family members

The story also made the rounds on Reddit, attracting lots of comments and support. ZylTV also posted a thank you on the thread to everyone who supported him.

Father speaks out

His Dad even dropped into the stream to address all the viewers who donated to thank them personally and give insight into what he has been dealing with. It’s stories like this that show the positive side of the streaming community and how perfect strangers come to someone’s aid during the rough times.

Five thousand dollars of the money raised is going for medication for his father while three thousand is going into an emergency fund, ZylTV explained. He also said any funds left over will go towards improving his streaming, such as a new computer. One can tell that his current setup is not the newest tech, but he was still able to attract attention for a very important cause. We wish ZylTv and his father all the best with the treatment.

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