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100 Thieves in talks with Nitr0

100 Thieves rumored to be in deep talks with Nitr0

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100 Thieves is rumored to be the front runner for signing retired CS:GO professional Nicholas “Nitr0” Cannella. Nitr0 announced that he would be stepping down from competitive CS:GO at the end of July. Team Liquid followed his announcement with a commemorative post in his honor after playing under Liquid for over five years.

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Shortly after announcing his departure from competitive CS:GO, Nitr0 confirmed that he would be going professional in Valorant. Since then multiple organizations have been in talks with Nitr0 to potentially sign him to a team. Initially, T1 was rumored to become Nitr0’s new home after he was seen practicing with their current team. However, ESPN’s Tyler “Finnonfire” Erzberger has announced that his sources say 100 Thieves is the front runner team for Nitr0.

In ESPN’s Valorant show on August 13, Tyler revealed that 100 Thieves were “in deep talks” with Nitr0 according to his sources. However, there has yet to be an official deal made. 100 Thieves has struggled tremendously after signing Spencer “Hiko” Martin and four members from Team Highground. They currently have a 27% win rate and have only won one out of their last ten matches.

Nitr0’s potential to fix 100 Thieves

Hiko recently took to Twitch to address 100 Thieves’ poor performance at recent tournaments. In his brief statement, he mentioned how the current roster lacked teamwork and communication. At FaZe Clan’s Valorant invitational they were obliterated by Immortals and lost to FaZe Clan after three maps. This performance marked another swift exit for 100 Thieves. Nitr0 had been Team Liquid’s in-game-leader (IGL) since he first joined in January of 2015. Since then Nitr0 has led Liquid to become a top ten team worldwide and helped them win the 2019 Intel Grand Slam.

TL Nitr0

100 Thieves CEO Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag addressed their current esports woes on stream earlier this week. Nadeshot expressed his frustration with constantly losing in almost every title under their banner. Nadeshot expressed his drive to bring championships to the organization. Nitr0’s potential addition to the team could be the boost 100 Thieves need to win tournaments.

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