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100 Thieves revealed an exclusive red-themed Off the Grid backpack as part of their collaboration with Gucci.

Gucci’s premium 100 Thieves Off the Grid backpack is their second collaboration with an esports brand in the last year. The first time Gucci collaborated with an esports brand was with Fnatic in 2020, when they revealed the orange-themed watch for $1,600. 100 Thieves’ Off the Grid backpack surpasses the Fnatic product in price, coming in at $2500.

The backpack costs a considerable amount but it’s still a stylish piece of fashion that can show off a favorite esports team or apparel brand. The original Gucci Off the Grid backpack comes in four other colors, including black, orange, blue and gray. While the 100 Thieves branded backpack is $2,500, the backpacks with the original Gucci patch are only $2,100. For fans who are seriously looking at getting the 100 Thieves x Gucci bag, there are only 200 available in stock. There is the option to pay for it in separate monthly payments.

Gucci paves the way for future 100 Thieves collaborations

100 Thieves CEO Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag responded to backlash regarding the collab on his Twitch stream. It was then that he revealed that Gucci approached him for the collaboration with the team. Since 100 Thieves was founded in 2018, the organization has become known for its expensive and quality apparel collections. These collections often sell out in minutes and have been cultivated by the community for years.

With this collaboration, 100 Thieves opens the door for further projects with future companies. They could go the route of Cloud9, which has partnered with Puma for multiple different clothing lines and even shoes. If 100 Thieves choose to go the luxury route, they could potentially collab with Louis Vuitton, Kith or Supreme in the future. Nadeshot has already teased potential collaborations with brands like Nike in the past based on samples revealed on his Instagram.