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North American esports organization and lifestyle brand 100 Thieves announced it has released content creator Sawyer “SirDimetrious” and professional Fortnite players Ken “Kenith” Veli and Maurilio “Blind” Gramajo.

100 Thieves Fortnite

The announcement wished the former members luck for the future, and many fans of the organization also expressed similar thoughts in the replies. While Blind did not offer any official statement about the departure, SirDimetrious and Kenith posted their sides to social media. 

“No longer with 100 Thieves. They were nothing but the best to me these last 14 months. I owe a lot to them and can’t thank them enough for letting me [be a part] of their journey,” wrote Kenith on the announcement. In subsequent tweets, Kenith also mentioned that he was “upset” that he couldn’t live up to expectations and “never played up to [his] potential.”

In a TwitLonger post, SirDimetrious added some insight into his departure as well. “Not going to bore you with the details, but the bottom line was that I pretty much stopped streaming Fortnite entirely,” wrote SirDimetrious on his release. “Unlike Kenith and Blind, I was signed as a content creator, yet spent most of my time on Fortnite (starting season 9) practicing off stream for the World Cup Qualifiers.” The content creator also described being burnt out trying to balance college, having a girlfriend, and his content creation, which led to his inactivity.

Future plans

With the three parting ways from 100 Thieves, the organization now only has four Fortnite players. Some have attributed this move to 100 Thieves’ new direction and ventures into other esports leagues. Others also describe that it may be due to a lack of results and content creation respectively. 

Will 100 Thieves perhaps pick up personalities in the CSGO scene as they have with Yassuo in League of Legends? Let us know what you think.