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100 Thieves announced a copyright-free music program for streamers and creators titled ‘Hype Tracks’ on Thursday.

100 Thieves Hype Tracks is an always-on live streaming music program that is available for everyone to listen to. The goal of this music program was to be able to provide creators with DMCA-free music that can be used for any purpose. 100 Thieves themselves encourage its use whilst streaming, in the background of videos, or to listen to while studying.

Last year, Twitch streamers were getting hit with DMCA strikes that forced many to delete thousands of hours of content. DMCA ( Digital Millennium Copyright Act) strikes target streamers who use or have used copyrighted music during their streams. This caused multiple bans across Twitch from users who did not delete their VODs quickly enough. Now, over a year later, organizations are helping other creators by releasing royalty-free music for them to use.

100 Thieves joins Riot Games to combat copyrighted music

At the start of July 2021 Riot Games announced their program titled ‘Riot Games Music’ which would allow creators to use music freely. This incentive is different from 100 Thieves’ Hype Tracks due to the rolling release of different albums that Riot Games will create as time goes on. Riot Games Music’s first album, Sessions: Vi had streamers and content creators in mind.

“Welcome to Hype Tracks by @100Thieves,” the 100 Thieves Hype Tracks account tweeted. “A completely free and evolving library of music made for you to game to. Tune in while streaming or download the songs to use in your content!”

100 Thieves is known for its content creators and streamers, with its three owners being some of the biggest in the industry.  They are impacted by these DMCA strikes just like everyone else, which is why the program was created. Anyone can download tracks from the 100 Thieves Hype Tracks and use them freely for anything they need. On top of having free downloads, fans can tune in to their 24-hour YouTube stream and listen in from there. The goal is to not just produce chill music to listen to but to have music that can easily be gamed to as well.