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100 Thieves have parted ways with former in-game leader Josh “Steel” Nissan ahead of the VALORANT 2022 off-season.

100 Thieves first signed Steel when the organization was rebuilding its VALORANT roster around Counter-Strike veteran Spencer “Hiko” Martin. Steel had a background in Counter-Strike himself and played for Team Chaos towards the end of his career. Not only was Steel a part of the original rebuild of the team, but he also got the organization their first and only trophy in VALORANT by winning First Strike: North America.

For Steel, VALORANT was a chance to start over for the in-game leader after he was banned by Valve from competing in Counter-Strike for his involvement in the infamous iBuyPower scandal. The 31-year-old player and his “boomer” duo in Hiko led the young guns on 100 Thieves to new horizons. The team smashed through First Strike in North America and were considered one of the best teams in their region shortly after.

100 Thieves bench Steel after Berlin

After winning First Strike, 100 Thieves had varied success that often had the team falling just short of the finish line. They missed out on qualifying for the first-ever international LAN event at VALORANT Champions Tour Masters Reykjavík. However, 100 Thieves got another chance at heading to the big stage when they qualified for VCT Masters Berlin. At Berlin, 100 Thieves had some close calls with their matches but inevitably made it out of group play and were the only team to take a series off the champions, Gambit Esports.

Shortly after exiting the tournament at the hands of North American team Envy, 100 Thieves began making roster changes. Due to their loss to Envy, 100 Thieves did not qualify for VALORANT Champions and would have to make it through the gauntlet of the North America Last Chance Qualifier to qualify. Just weeks before the LCQ was set to take place, 100 Thieves moved Steel to a substitute position on the roster. He was replaced by the former analyst for the team, Aaron “b0i” Thao.

Now, 100 Thieves have officially announced that Steel will not be a part of its latest version of the VALROANT roster in 2022. Steel has not signed with another organization officially but is reportedly signing with T1 as a replacement for Timothy “autimatic” Ta.

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