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100 Thieves continue to rebuild their VALORANT roster, releasing another former in-game leader, Nick “nitr0” Cannella, from the organization via transfer on Tuesday.

Nitr0 has been rumored to be leaving VALORANT only a year after he joined to return to Counter-Strike. The former IGL for Team Liquid’s Counter-Strike team made the switch in titles during the COVID-19 pandemic. Counter-Strike in North America was on a downtrend due to the lack of teams in the region that could compete at tournaments. Because of this, many high-profile players from the NA Counter-Strike scene made the switch to VALORANT.

As reported by +1pv, nitr0 is suspected to be heading back to Counter-Strike and returning to his former organization Team Liquid. He played for Team Liquid shortly after going professional back in 2015. He has a long history with the organization, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see him return to them. He will also be reuniting with former teammate Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski if he returns to TL. The two played together on Team Liquid for five years before nitr0 switched games.

100 Thieves revamps roster

On Dec. 6 100 Thieves released the in-game leader before nitr0, Josh “Steel” Nissan, from the team. This move came after Steel was benched and nitr0 moved up as the main in-game leader for the roster. Shortly after being released from 100 Thieves, Steel announced that he would be playing for T1 in 2022.

“Thank you so much 100T for the opportunity to compete under such a great organization,” said nitr0 on Twitter. “More on my future soon!”

Unlike Steel, nitr0 has not made any official announcements about where he will be heading at the time of this announcement. However, 100 Thieves did reveal that like Steel, nitr0 was being released from the team via transfer. This is different from being let go completely as nitr0 was still under contract with 100 Thieves before making his decision to switch.

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