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100 Thieves were forced to end pre-orders on their latest playoff jersey due to a lack of materials. The “Bred” jersey was a shock release along with two geography gaiters. This jersey would be an extension of 100 Thieves “Jersey Program” that they revealed in early January. Since then, 100 Thieves have released their primary, secondary, and alternative jerseys throughout the year. The primary and secondary jerseys re-released alongside the alternative jersey as a fundraiser for those affected by COVID-19. The 100 Thieves LCS team will be wearing the new jersey during this weekend’s playoff games.

Originally, the jersey and gaiters were available for pre-order until August 13. 100 Thieves CEO Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag released a statement on August 12 announcing the orders would close a day early. Nadeshot addressed the mass amount of orders caused the manufacturer to run out of fabric. He explained that they woke up to a call from the manufacturer saying there would be too many orders to fulfill if the sales continued.

100 Thieves can’t please fans

After Nadeshot posted the video addressing the lack of materials needed to fulfill more orders, fans became outraged. Since 100 Thieves was first founded, fans have pleaded to have a jersey that they could purchase year-round. Last year they attempted to solve this problem by selling their white jersey for pre-orders that lasted an entire week. However, new fans are joining the organization every day and still miss out on these opportunities.

This year 100 Thieves implemented the jersey program specifically so that more fans could have access to various team jerseys. Unfortunately, even after several releases, fans are still upset about the lack of product. Many fans posted their opinions on Twitter when the pre-orders were finally closed late last night. The comments mostly pertained to how quickly their apparel sells out and that these numbers should be used for reference in the future.

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