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100 Thieves’ young superstar Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk breaks kill-record for the VALORANT Champions Tour during the VCT Stage 3 Challengers closed qualifier.

Asuna breaks VCT kill record with 100 Thieves

In the opening match of Stage 3 Challengers closed qualifier against Version1, Asuna set a record for most kills on a single player. The first match for Stage 3 was between one of the North American representatives at Masters 2: Iceland, and long-term veteran team 100 Thieves. Version1 pushed the team full of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive legends to their limit.

After completing 36 rounds of VALORANT on Icebox in the first match of the series, 100 Thieves pulled off the victory. Asuna walked away with 48 kills, 24 deaths, and 6 assists while playing Reyna. This was nearly double the number of kills his teammates had, with Ethan “Ethan” Arnold coming in second with 27 kills on Omen. However, Version1’s temporary substitute Brady “thief” Dever did his best to combat Asuna. With 34 kills at the end of the game – also on Reyna – thief rivaled Asuna in the slaying department.

Asuna looks to carry 100 Thieves to Berlin

100 Thieves looked poised to potentially become the second team to qualify for Masters 2: Iceland. However, they fell short early in the tournament and were eventually eliminated from Masters 2 contention. The former First Strike NA champions have struggled to win many tournaments outside of their first back in December. After First Strike, the team replaced Asuna’s duelist duo Quan “dicey” Tran. In place of dicey, CS:GO prodigy Ethan stepped in to compete with the team.

After breaking the kill record on Icebox, Asuna slowed his playstyle during the second map of the series. This time, Spencer “Hiko” Martin was the star of the show after getting 23 kills on Sova. Asuna has been the backbone for this team with his aggressive playstyle on different duelists. The record-breaking 48 kills on Icebox is just a small reflection of how skilled the seventeen-year-old duelist really is.