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As the Fortnite World Cup Final approaches, more players are signing with organizations. Arkhram1x, or simply Arkhram, has joined 100 Thieves in the latest announcement from the organization. The official announcement came as Arkhram played live on Twitch with Herschel “Dr. Disrespect” Beahm. Live on stream, Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag called Dr. Disrespect to discuss the next Fortnite player for 100 Thieves. Dr. Disrespect hyped up Arkhram. Then, as a joke, Nadeshot agreed to sign Arkhram1x on the spot.

Of course, this was all staged for entertainment, but it nonetheless brought excitement to the announcement. Arkhram1x is among the top players in the world and arguably the best player coming out the NA West region.

100T Arkhram1x the double World Cup Qualifier

Before joining 100 Thieves, Arkhram made a name for himself in competitive Fortnite. He qualified for both the solo and duo tournaments. Now, he looks forward to competing in the World Cup Final in New York City. His duo partner is Brendan “Falconer” Falconer. The two met just three days prior to qualifying for the Finals in the first week of the duo qualifiers. Then, after boasting several impressive performances in between, Arkhram1x qualified for solos in Week 9. Finally, Arkhram1x and Falconer finished on top of the region in the final week of qualifiers.

Arkhram1x is certainly a great player, being one of three players to double qualify out of the NA West region. However, he remains relatively unknown. This signing with 100 Thieves should provide him with additional publicity and notoriety.

The 15-year-old Fortnite player has a bright future ahead of him. Arkhram is highly skilled and concrete mechanically. Additionally, the young player communicates very well. He makes great callouts and decisions. The skill of the top players is so close that the communication skills should provide Arkhram1x and his partner, Falconer, an edge in the upcoming tournament. As Epic Games continue to expand to trios and possibly squads for tournaments, Arkhram should be a sought after player because of his skillset.

What do you think of Arkhram’s move to 100T? Who do you think will be the next player to sign with an organization? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned to Daily Esports for all the latest competitive Fortnite news!

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