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100 Thieves has announced their sponsorship with the alcoholic beverage companies, Truly and Twisted Tea.

100 Thieves recently announced Rockstar as their official energy drink sponsor, after CEO Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag appeared in their Superbowl commercial. Now, 100 Thieves has added The Boston Beer Company to their list of sponsors.

Twisted Tea and Truly are both owned in part by the Boston Beer Company, which began producing Samuel Adams in 1984. Twisted Tea and Truly did not come into existence until later in the company’s history; 2001 and 2016, respectively. The sponsorship with esports and content brand, 100 Thieves, is the beverage company’s first involvement in gaming.

Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid recently announced the addition of Bud Light to their drink sponsorship list. Both organizations are also sponsored by Monster Energy. This gives both companies two drink sponsorships in different categories. Before 2021, most esports organizations were only sponsored by energy drink companies like Monster, Red Bull and Mountain Dew.

100 Thieves revamp their sponsorship list in 2021

100 Thieves has been completely redoing their sponsorship list during the new year. They recently announced a new PC sponsor in HP Omen during their Blueprint announcement. This sponsorship replaced the previous PC sponsorship of NZXT.

They then added Rockstar as their official energy drink sponsorship, as well as Mountain Dew AMP Game Fuel as the sponsorship for their Call of Duty Team. These sponsorships replaced Red Bull, a past long-term sponsorship of both Nadeshot and 100 Thieves. To continue the list of new sponsorships, 100 Thieves also added GrubHub to sponsor a League of Legends show.

Truly and Twisted Tea will be adding a Golf Simulator and outdoor BBQ pit to the 100 Thieves content house. These will serve as new forms of content videos in the future.