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Zain Naghmi won Super Smash Bros. Melee Singles at Smash Camp: End of Summer in Prescott, Arizona on Sept 15. It was his biggest tournament victory since Come to Papa 3 in April.

Zain advanced out of pools with no trouble, and he continued to show signs of dominance in top 48. There, Zain had flawless victories over Zaid “Spark” Ali and Avery “Ginger” Wilson. His best win of the tournament came in Winners Semis, where Zain defeated Joseph “Mang0” Marquez. He then won Smash Camp by double eliminating Edgard “n0ne” Sheleby.

This year, Zain boasts winning records over players like Mang0, Masaya “aMSa” Chikamoto, and Cody “iBDW” Schwab. He is also one of only three players who has won multiple sets against Juan “Hungrybox” DeBiedma this year. The other two players are William “Leffen” Hjelte and Justin “Wizzrobe” Hallett. On top of this, Zain does not currently have any losing records outside of the top 10 this year.

Other results from Smash Camp: End of Summer

Because Jeffrey “Axe” Williamson played Young Link, he was eliminated quite early at Smash Camp. As a result, n0ne had a fairly easy road to top 8 on winners side. Even so, n0ne’s second-place finish came with a handful of impressive wins. He was able to earn victories over Johnny “S2J” Kim and Griffin “Captain Faceroll” Williams.

While his major tournament performances have not been so stellar, Captain Faceroll seems to always do well at smaller tournaments. Smash Camp: End of Summer was no exception. Captain Faceroll beat Albert Luu, S2J, and Spark en route to 3rd place.

The biggest round of upsets at Smash Camp came from Spark. Spark qualified for top 8 with wins over players like Christian “Kürv” Melendez and Juan “Medz” Garcia. Then, he accomplished the unthinkable and upset two top 10 players, eliminating both aMSa and Mang0. After his failure to close out a five-game set against Wizzrobe at Smash’N’Splash, these were certainly satisfying victories for Spark.