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Zain Naghmi won Super Smash Bros. Melee Division 1 Singles at Slippi Champions League Week 3 on October 25. It was Zain’s second consecutive victory in the Slippi Champions League.

Zain performed dominantly all day, dropping only a single game over the course of the entire event. He unsurprisingly swept the round one opponent he chose for himself: Joseph “Azel” Resplandor. Zain followed this up with a convincing win over Cody “iBDW” Schwab. Despite a close game one, Zain steamrolled the last two games of the set.

In Finals, Zain faced an unexpected opponent: Griffin “Captain Faceroll” Williams. After losing game one to a surprising stage spike, Zain defeated Captain Faceroll in the next three games. As a result, he won Slippi Champions League Week 3 and earned the right to choose his first match of Week 4.


Surprisingly, Zain selected Joseph “Mang0” Marquez as his first opponent for next week. Mang0 won the first week of the League, and he is the only person who has beaten Zain online this year. However, due to a scheduling conflict, it is currently unclear if Mang0 will be able to compete next Saturday.

The rest of Division 1

Captain Faceroll followed up his rise to Division 1 last week with a fantastic Slippi Champions League Week 3 performance. After dropping the first two games in his set against Mang0, Captain Faceroll pulled off an unexpected reverse 3-0. Then, he won another five-game set in Semifinals against Edgard “n0ne” Sheleby. Notably, Captain Faceroll became the first person to finish in the top 4 of the League besides Zain, Mang0, n0ne, and iBDW.

iBDW and n0ne earned predictable victories to secure their spots in the top 4 of Slippi Champions League Week 3. iBDW beat Justin “Plup” McGrath 3-1, just as he did two weeks ago. Meanwhile, n0ne defeated Johnny “S2J” Kim 3-1 in S2J’s Division 1 debut.

Other results from Slippi Champions League Week 3

Zaid “Spark” Ali became the 13th unique player to qualify for Division 1 at Slippi Champions League Week 3. In Division 2, he pulled off a reverse 3-0 after dropping two games to Jeffrey “Axe” Williamson’s Falco. Then in Division 1 Relegation, Spark beat Azel 3-1.

Jason “Gahtzu” Diehl was the only contestant from this week’s Rollback Rumble to reach Division 2. He did so by defeating the Rollback Rumble champion Shephard “Fiction” Lima 3-1 in Division 2 Relegation. Ironically, Gahtzu was the lowest-placing player to make it in through this week’s open qualifier.

Despite falling out of Division 2 Relegation three times now, DaJuan “Shroomed” McDaniel has competed in every single week of the Slippi Champions League thus far. He also holds a less impressive distinction — Shroomed has not won a single game throughout the entire League.

During Slippi Champions League Week 3, Beyond the Summit announced Smash Summit 10 online. All 16 players in the League at the end of next week will automatically qualify, along with four other invitees. As a result, the stakes will be even higher going into the League’s final week.