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Sota “Zackray” Okada won Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Singles at Mēsuma in Aichi, Japan on November 29. It marked the Smash player’s second consecutive victory at a significant offline Ultimate tournament in Japan.

Zackray dominantly swept through the first section of the 128-person bracket. In fact, he did not drop a single game prior to the top 8. Zackray kicked off his run by defeating “Shūshi,” “Shita dake,” “Jansen,” and “Mossan” to secure a spot in top 16. Then in Winners Quarters, he beat “Lv.1” 2-0.

In Winners Semis, Zackray faced his first PGRU-ranked opponent of the tournament, Seisuke “Kome” Komeda. He won that set against Kome 3-1 and then advanced into Winners Finals. Zackray finished the tournament much like how he started it, defeating Kengo “KEN” Suzuki 3-0 in both Winners Finals and Grand Finals. Thus, Zackray won Mēsuma without being forced into a last-game scenario even once.

Other results from Mēsuma

Despite his brutal losses to Zackray, KEN’s 2nd place finish at Mēsuma was still nothing to scoff at. He earned wins over “Manon,” “tatsumiko,” “Takashi,” “Kie,” and “DIO” en route to top 8. From there, KEN beat Towa “Atelier” Kuriyama 3-0 and Kome 3-1.

Kome earned many commendable wins on his path to 3rd place. He conquered “Piejji,” “ononox,” “Rizeo,” Gakuto “Gackt” Ito, and “KR” before dropping a set to Zackray. Then in the losers bracket, Kome eliminated Gackt and Atelier before finally falling to KEN in Losers Finals.

Toura was perhaps the most unexpected player who qualified for top 8 at Mēsuma. The Samus main won two matches against “Moyashiba ̄ su to” and “Amon” before suffering a loss at the hands of Mossan. Despite this early trip to the losers bracket, Toura ended up making a deep run to finish in 7th place. Along the way, Toura eliminated “Ly,” Jansen, Kie, “Surasura,” and KR.