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As part of the massive early May 2022 update for Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel, many new assets were found in the game’s files through datamining. Outside of the obvious eye-catchers like new cards, cosmetics and animations, new information on future events was also found.

Outside of the previously known Synchro, Fusion and XYZ event assets, the May 5 update to the game revealed plans for two other summoning method events with Pendulum and Link summoning, as well as events based on monster type and attribute.

What are festivals and events?

If the previous events are any indicator, these new events will allow players to flex their creativity through restrictions. For the XYZ Festival, for example, players were forced to play decks that only consisted of XYZ monsters in the extra deck. All other types of extra deck monsters were banned. This was the case for the Synchro Festival as well.

The next event is likely the Fusion Festival given one of the brand-new selection packs is based on Fusion monsters. Players will likely be locked into Fusion monsters for the event duration.

The datamines show that Konami will continue to run the course through the remaining summoning methods. There are no current dates planned for the Link and Pendulum summon events, and there’s no exact timing for the Fusion Festival, though it will likely be soon.

The two other event banner datamines also hint at a twist in playstyle. Although it’s not confirmed, the monster type and monster attribute banners suggest that instead of locking players into a summoning mechanic, the game will force players onto a specific monster type for that event and a specific monster attribute for the other.

Like the Link and Pendulum assets, there is no timeframe for these events as of now, and Konami has not commented on the datamined information.

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