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The Overwatch League (OWL) playoffs begin tomorrow, and you can win $100,000 if you predict them correctly. The Perfect Bracket Contest is open on the OWL’s official site, and you can enter for free for your chance to win.

How to enter and win the Perfect Bracket Contest

To build your bracket, go to the Perfect Bracket Contest page and log in. Make sure to connect your Blizzard account to your OWL account. Once you are logged in, select “Build your Bracket” and make sure you understand the tournament format.

To fill out the bracket, you need to predict which teams the higher-seeded teams will choose to play against, and you will need to predict the winners. You will need to do this for each region as well as the losers bracket. Once you complete your bracket, you have to lock it in for a chance to win prizes.

The prizes

If you select the matches and winners perfectly, you will win $100,000. You can also win $10,000 dollars for having the best bracket, as well as exclusive OWL gear from Jeff Staples. Be sure to check the leaderboard and your email for updates on the Perfect Bracket Contest.

The playoffs begin tomorrow, so make sure to have your bracket filled out and submitted by then if you want a chance to win the Perfect Bracket Contest. You can catch all the playoff matches on the OWL’s official YouTube channel beginning at 3:00 PM ET with the Houston Outlaws taking on the Boston Uprising.

The playoffs will run throughout the month of September and conclude with the Grand Finals from October 8 to October 10. The OWL will announce and notify winners of the Perfect Bracket Contest once the playoff results are final.

Be sure to link your accounts, make your bracket, and watch the games live to get those juicy OWL tokens along with your chance to win $100,000!