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On May 2, the gaming event YANA (You Are Not Alone) will be held. The purpose of this event is to bring millions of gamers together during the COVID-19 pandemic. Players can participate in the event by simply streaming games through Facebook Gaming and Twitch with the #PlayApartTogether and #YANA tags. However, for players quarantined in the same home, they can participate by taking time to play any game of their choice. Playing board games and cards with friends and family is also encouraged by the hosts of the YANA event.

What is YANA?

YANA is a fundraising event to help lift the spirits of players around the world. Large companies including Ubisoft and Barclays Ventures are supporting the event. Celebrities and influencers who are going to participate will be announced in the near future.

YANA will take place from noon to midnight BST (British Summer Time) on May 2, 2020. Games participating in the event have not been announced. However, there are hints towards a handful of games like FIFA, Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite, and Just Dance taking part in YANA. The hosts of the worldwide event will continue to post updates via Twitter and on the official YANA website.

COVID-19 relief donations

During the YANA event, hosts will promote donating towards charities across the Just Giving platform. Many charities are fighting different battles against COVID-19 and would appreciate any support. Social distancing has been the main cause of preventing organizations from doing traditional fundraisers.

One featured organization sponsoring the YANA event is The Children’s Society. The Children’s Society campaigns law and policy adjustments to benefit children. Players will be able to give donations to The Children’s Society and tons of other organizations during the event. More donation guidelines and FAQs are provided on the YANA site.

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