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Editors note: This story was updated on May 18 to include that Yoru has been enabled.

Riot Games has taken action to solve a glitch on VALORANT’s newest map, Breeze, as well as other maps involving Yoru. According to a status update in the game client, Riot has disabled Yoru and taken Breeze out of the competitive queue in order to work on various issues. The organization has yet to release a timeline or specific reasons as to why the map and agent are disabled.

Why are Yoru and Breeze disabled?

Players recently discovered multiple glitches involving Yoru on Breeze and Bind. The exploits involve his Gatecrash ability, and allows him to go inside of map terrain or move teleport through walls. Once inside, Yoru can shoot enemies without detection. Furthermore, on Breeze, Yoru could plant the spike inside terrain. This makes it impossible for the defending team to diffuse it and win the round.

Players also discovered a similar glitch on Bind involving the use of Gatecrash to teleport inside the teleporter exit without opening the doors.

On Bind, the glitch would surprise enemy players but it could be countered with communication and prior knowledge. The Breeze glitch, however, was almost impossible to counter. Yoru players would be almost completely unable to be targeted, except through certain areas inside the terrain. Players could also leave the pyramid by running against its inner walls. The pyramids are also easily accessible to the attackers, so the glitched plant was simple to execute.

Both of these glitches involve Yoru’s teleport ability moving through walls, allowing him to teleport inside areas. The glitches are also simple to execute, involving just his main ability and knowledge of which walls it can be placed through.

Yoru was put back into the game as of 6:47 Eastern Standard Time.