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A game-breaking bug forced XSET and FunPlus Phoenix to replay the final round of their VALORANT Champions Istanbul match on Tuesday.

The two teams are facing off in the lower bracket, with the losing team being eliminated from VALORANT Champions. With so much on the line, it caused quite the controversy when the bug occurred, and the reset could affect the outcome of the match.

In the final round of the match, a Killjoy turret placed by XSET fired in the wrong direction due to a bug. The “false information” led an XSET player to look in the wrong direction, misdirected by the turret shooting at random.

The VALORANT Champions Tour said in a statement on its Twitter account that this incident “had a high level of potential impact on XSET losing the round and match.” The final round will have to be replayed.

The VALORANT community reacted with frustration with Riot Games, as there have been multiple similar issues throughout the season, though none in this high-profile of a match. Other VALORANT pros requested that their matches be replayed as well due to bugs they allegedly encountered.

For now, XSET and FPX will have to replay the last round of their match to find out which team will be sent home.

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