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XSET announced on May 11 that Matthew “WeDid” Suchan will move to the bench ahead of Stage 3 of the VALORANT Champions Tour. The former Pretty Boyz player signed with XSET along with two other players form the amateur team back in October of 2020. WeDid is one of the earliest adopters of the agent Viper. He did not only play controllers for his team, however. In his time on XSET, WeDid played every role and recently put time into Phoenix.

“After a lot of consideration, the VALORANT team has decided to move @WedidOfficial to a sub roe for the remainder of VCT 2021. Wedid will remain on XSET for as long as he chooses. We thank him for everything he’s done for us, & we will support him fully moving forward,” XSET tweeted.

WeDid’s time on XSET

VALORANT is the Viper player’s first esports title. He started competing back in June of 2020 in smaller weekly and monthly tournaments. Before XSET, he played for the debunked organization Mamba Mode Gaming and the amateur squad Pretty Boyz. A Swiss Army Knife of a player, WeDid has put time into 11 agents in his professional career across multiple teams.

“Thank you to @XSET for giving me this opportunity, pic go hard af too, for now I will #RepTheBench. Still looking to compete and trial for other teams, can play pretty much anything, can’t IGL but willing to learn,” Wedid tweeted.

In his time with XSET, the underdog squad rose up the ranks of North American VALORANT. They started as an unknown team when the VCT began. XSET announced themselves in the first event of Stage 1 with an upset over TSM in the qualifier bracket. Once in the main event, WeDid and his squad made a lower bracket run against the top teams at the time, Envy and NRG. This qualified XSET for the next event where they made a similar lower bracket run to qualify for the first Master event of the VCT. They lost in the first round of Masters, but made their name known in the North American community.

XSET became known for their intricate set ups and strategies, especially on defense. Many of those set ups are thanks to WeDid and his Viper play. He would put up walls across bomb sites for his team to play off of. Per XSET’s and WeDid’s personal announcement he is open to trailing for other teams and available to sign.

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