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With Félix “xQc” Lengyel’s early departure from the league last season, it felt like he was gone permanently. Those controversies led to the Dallas Fuel releasing him from their roster. His last day playing competitive Overwatch was June last year, for Contenders team GOATS. He told all his viewers that he wanted to become a full-time streamer again. But after the off-season, with xQc’s exit and return to playing Overwatch competitively, it seems he is finally back.

xQc has been signed by the Sentinels, the company owning and managing the Los Angeles Gladiators. More specifically, he has been announced as a substitute main tank for their academy team, the Gladiators Legion. He will also be streaming under the brand, officially dawning the Gladiators Legion jersey on stream earlier today.

The announcement

The tweet above wasn’t the only hint to this signing. Earlier on in the week, the Los Angeles Gladiators Twitter account tweeted hinting a signing.

But no name was mentioned. A bit mysterious. Not too long after, they tweeted a hint towards the fans.

At first, this doesn’t seem like much. This is simply them admitting their signing is mysterious. But this has significance. On Twitch, there are plenty of things said and copied in chats all across it. From simple emotes to more elaborate writings, it varies a lot. In xQc’s chat (along with other streamers), one common spammed writing is “THEY DONT KNOW” along with the Twitch emote “pepeLmao.” To explain it, it makes fun of the streamer or audience for not knowing something. That is why most of the replies to the tweet above are that emote, but there was very little speculation as for who the signing was. This could be just a joke that their audience would understand. But one avid Twitter user by the name of Vortex saw through it all.

This post was made the day of the announcement with a little bit of detective work, nine hours before the official announcement. And as the day came to an end, the speculation became fact. The only thing Vortex got wrong was his affiliation with the Legion, being an official substitute player.

How is the Legion with him now?

This Legion roster looked decent going into season four of North American Contenders. Unfortunately for them, certain players got picked up later on, including Jeffrey “blasé” Tsang and Corey “Corey” Nigra. Still without DPS, their roster looks worrisome. They still haven’t signed replacements yet, but they did sign Legion main tank Byung-ho “Panker” Lee to a two-way contract. That leaves a problem for their roster; they have no main tank if Panker gets brought up to the Overwatch League.

This is where xQc comes in. If Panker gets called up, xQc finally gets to play on a team for the first time in half a year. Not only that, but he has fellow Canadian Randal “Roolf” Stark whom he has played with in the past. Also, this is a clever signing for the entire Gladiators brand, as xQc has become a dominant streamer on Twitch since his departure. This should get a ton of fans watching the North American Contenders scene, which is nothing but great for the scene.

xQc himself tweeted out:

And as a big fan of seeing his energy and competitive mindset, I also can’t wait to “go agane.”

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