xQc and Jessica Blevins argue on Twitter over charity comments
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xQc and Jessica Blevins argue on Twitter over charity comments

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Twitch content creator Félix “xQc” Lengyel found himself in hot water with Tyler “Ninja” Blevins’ wife and business partner, Jessica Blevins. The former Overwatch player xQc is known for candid discourse with his community. Furthermore, he’s no stranger to sharing hot takes over social media, no matter how controversial or unexpected they may be.

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On June 29, clips of xQc talking about charity streams went viral. In the clip, he starts off by questioning whether or not his viewers are aware that charities pay big streamers to raise money. Specifically, he says, “The streamers that you watch that do f*cking charity days are paid for it.” Immediately, his statements sparked mixed emotions and had fans questioning the true intentions behind charity streams.

Jessica Blevins fires back on Twitter

Blevins publicly shamed xQc in a thread posted by content creator Benjamin “DrLupo” Lupo. The streamer intended to counter a Reddit reply insinuating xQc’s comments hurt DrLupo’s “wholesome” persona. DrLupo clarified he’s “never been paid to raise money for St. Jude.” In response, Blevins fired shots at xQc, saying, “This guy always has some trash to say. I’ve literally never heard of a single streamer getting paid to raise money.”

A few hours later, xQc answered back saying, “incredible you found time to halfa** listen to the clip and give your take no one asked about in between your virtue signaling posts.” Blevins shared she felt additional comments from xQc about her buying Gucci Bags were sexist. She went as far as to say that “you (xQc) don’t respect women, or really anyone with again, the trash, I’ve heard you spew.” Of course, Ninja jumped to her defense, “You have 0 clue the amount of work Jess does for our family and our business.”


The trio’s exchange caused a whirlwind of reactions. It seems everyone in the Twitch community is keeping up with the drama. Thus far, the conversation has ended with xQc replying to Ninja, acknowledging the couple’s charity work. Things have calmed down in the thread, but the drama might not be over yet.

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