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Xbox and Riot Games team up for Game Pass content across all Riot Games' main titles
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Xbox Game Pass will unlock all LoL Champions, VALORANT agents and more

That's... a lot of characters

Xbox and Riot Games announced on Sunday that they have partnered up to offer Game Pass subscribers a slew of content across Riot’s titles. Riot also noted that it was “just the start,” implying more is on the way with this collaboration.

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Xbox Game Pass and Legends Champions

In League of Legends and League of Legends: Wild Rift, players will have all 160+ Champions unlocked with an Xbox Game Pass subscription and day-one access to future releases. With the running total for all the champions easily clearing $500 USD, this is an incredible deal for new players. In Legends of Runeterra, subscribers will unlock the Foundations Set at no additional cost. As for Teamfight Tactics, fans can look forward to a rotation of Tier One Little Legend avatars.


VALORANT fans who have an Xbox Game Pass subscription will no longer have to grind for Agents or pay separately for them, as the service will unlock all existing 18 agents instantly. Subscribers will unlock future agents on day one as well. Riot has not yet confirmed how this offer affects contracts, which normally reward the agent at the end of the five tiers.

Not a lot of details

Besides the confirmed content, the announcement also shared that players will also receive bonus experience in some titles, though those titles were not specified as of writing.

Unfortunately, neither studio provided many further details. It is unknown whether the access to content will be cut off if a subscription ends, nor was a date shared for when the partnership goes live. It was not mentioned whether the games are coming to the Xbox app or console or if players can simply link their accounts to unlock the content in the already existing titles, either. However, the official announcement does share that there will be more information in “the coming months”, so players can expect more details soon.

While the Xbox Game Pass is set to offer a huge amount of content for players of Riot Games’ titles, they will have to wait a little longer for any kind of information and what “and more” might mean in the long run.

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