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X2Twins wins the first Solo Summer Smash in Australia.

Jesse “X2Twins Jesse” Eckley from the Renegades takes home first place and AU$100,000 in the first Aussie Summer Smash.

We had the chance to catch up with X2Twins after the competition. A very humble man, he told us this about his win:

It’s really cool. I didn’t expect to win to be honest, but it’s really, I don’t know. It hasn’t really sunk in yet… I’m not sure what I’ll do with the money yet – maybe skins.

X2Twins hails from a town in Queensland on the sunny coast. When he was younger, he didn’t really think he’d be playing video games. In fact, he thought he might be playing a different kind of sport:

Honestly, I would have been a tennis player. I was a tennis coach for like five years, and then I stopped it for this… I was top of Queensland ages ago, but this is more fun for me. I got burnt out at tennis.

He’s a big fan of the tennis and planned to watch the men’s finals of the Australian Open after the game. X2Twins had his money on Djokovic to win the championship. Furthermore, X2Twins responded to the growth of esports and its combination with physical sports:

It’d be cool if [esports] gets as big as normal sports, because it’s very similar to be honest.

X2Twins and the Renegades plan to do more tournaments from here on out. Hopefully he’d like to get some invites to tournaments overseas. Competitions such as the Summer Smash are a fantastic way to put local players on international radars.

There also seem to be plans with the Renegades, although Jesse told us he “couldn’t say too much about that,” which means — expect some announcements in future!

For all the results and good vibes, read our wrap up of the Summer Smash. Or you can watch all the action from X2Twins on the Aus Open Twitch Channel.

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