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With the 2022 League of Legends World Championship just around the corner, Upcomer isn’t just bringing fans in-depth looks at every single team, but also a look at the best players in every role. Through a panel of Upcomer’s League experts, the team has compiled a Top 5 ranking of every player in every role at this year’s Worlds 2022 tournament.

Now looking at the jungle position, Upcomer brings fans a look at what we believe to be the five best players in the role with in-depth analysis and reasoning below.


5. Zhao “Jiejie” Li-Jie (Edward Gaming)

After a Worlds 2021 run where he played out of his mind against the, at the time, best jungler in the world in the finals, Jiejie had a shaky 2022 campaign that actually saw him get benched in the summer split at times, but this happened literally last year and when Jiejie came back, he was a monster.

Jiejie hasn’t quite been that monster since his return to the main roster this year but he has been closer to his Worlds form since. Especially in playoffs where he led all junglers by a wide margin in KDA according to Oracleselixer.com.

Fifth is essentially Jiejie’s floor right now. If Jiejie plays at his current level he is still one of the worlds best junglers. But we all know he can be much more if he plays at his peak.

Warren Younger

4. Mun “Oner” Hyeon-jun (T1)

Oner often reminds me of Bengi, the greatest jungler to ever play League of Legends competitively. Bengi was a facilitator. He made sure that his teammates were able to play at their best while he gladly made the sacrifices he needed to make to ensure his team’s success.

Oner faces a much harsher jungle meta than his spiritual ancestor with the current game rewarding aggression over facilitation. While his team struggled during the spring split, Oner was always there to support his team. He is still the silent, watchful guardian of T1 with no shortage of clutch-factor especially on champions like Lee Sin and Viego.

Miko Ahn

3. Gao “Tian” Tianliang (Top Esports)

One of the biggest names to ever come out of the League Pro League, Tian is making his return to Worlds once again but on a new team. No longer on FunPlus Phoenix, Tian is now the starting jungler for Top Esports and he has definitely fit right into the new change of scenery.

Tian was a beast in the 2022 LPL Summer split where he was a menace around the map in nearly every single game TES played. As a result, Tian picked up the MVP award for best player in the entire LPL and with it, a spot on the LPL All-Pro team. He also performed well in playoffs too picking up two of the three player of the game awards in TES’ semi finals match against EDG.

With that said, there is a jungler in his region that has played a little bit better and has higher peaks which prevent Tian from being placed higher. With that said, you could be Tian anywhere in the top three and be justified in doing so.


2. Seo “Kanavi” Jin-hyeok (JD Gaming)

Despite not winning MVP and not being named as the jungler on the LPL All-Pro team, Kanavi who is a former MVP in his own right, has been right next to Tian the entire year and in the playoffs, Kanavi surpassed him.

Kanavi and Tian played 10 games against each other in just the 2022 LPL summer playoffs alone, Kanavi pulled out ahead of those 6-4 and won both five-game series. Across the 10 games, Kanavi had nearly double Tian’s kills showcasing the difference between the two junglers. Kanavi is a carry jungler who not only led all junglers in kills during the 2022 LPL summer split, he was third overall among all players period. And Kanavi’s champ pool is ridiculous showcasing that he can play off-meta picks like Bel’Veth and Morgana and make them work.


1. Han “Peanut” Wang-ho (Gen.G)

LCK Summer 2022 was a split where other teams simply could not catch up with Gen.G and their players which included Jungler Han “Peanut” Wang-ho. After failing to get the better of T1 and Oner last split, Peanut dominated the jungle in summer from start to finish. Besides having the highest KDA among junglers, his early game roams and dominance are second to none.

Moreover, the Worlds Patch 12.17 looks to be in favor of Peanut with Hecarim said to be overpowered. Asides from Hecarim, Peanut versatility makes him unpredictable as he can easily play both meta and off meta picks consistently. After reaching the Worlds semi-finals thrice and the finals once, Worlds 2022 feels like Peanut’s time.

Rashidat Jimoh


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