League of Legends Worlds 2022: Everything you need to know
Worlds 2022 League of Legends Upcomer Outlook Series Intro

League of Legends Worlds 2022: Everything you need to know

Upcomer previews all 24 teams competing at the Season 12 World Championships

The 2022 League of Legends World Championship is almost here. Starting with the play-in stage on September 29, Worlds 2022 will head on tour through North America, starting in Mexico City and ending in San Fransisco. The 24 best teams from around the world will be battling it out in a month-long tournament on NA soil to see who will raise this year’s Summoners Cup.

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What is Worlds?

The Super Bowl of esports, Worlds is the pinnacle of League competition. Every year from January until September, regional leagues worldwide pit their top teams for rank as the year-long season is split into two splits, Spring and Summer. The goal at the end of the split is to represent their home country Worlds.

With teams coming from all corners of the globe, Worlds is the end-goal for every single competitive player. With a rare opportunity to show what they are made of on the world stage, spectators and fans can expect the best players and best gameplay of the year in this one-month-long climax to the year-long story for each and every player and team that has made it this far.

But before all the action kicks off, Upcomer’s LoL Worlds 2022 Outlook Series will take a closer look at all 24 teams competing at this year’s 2022 League of Legends World Championship.

Which teams have qualified for Worlds 2022? Worlds 2022 preview schedule

Starting tomorrow, Upcomer will release two new Worlds 2022 team previews every day leading up to the final four team previews that will be released in the four days prior to the start of the Worlds 2022 Play-in stage. These previews will break down how each team was built, their journey’s through their region, players to watch and how they can succeed at Worlds 2022.

Here is the schedule below detailing when each team’s preview is coming. Make sure to check back regularly to see when your favorite team’s preview is out. We will update this article with links to each preview once published.

When are the matches? Worlds 2022 schedule explained

Starting with the play-in stage on Sep. 29, Worlds 2022 will feature teams from China, South Korea, North America, Europe, Brazil, Japan, Turkey and many more other “wild card” regions.

The play-in stage will feature 12 teams from across the world split into two groups of six in a round-robin style format. The top seed from each group will automatically qualify for the group stage. The second seed in each group will advance to the qualification match to determine the final two spots in the Worlds 2022 main stage.

Their opponents will be the victors from the elimination match pitting the third and fourth place teams in the other group. Ultimately, four of the 12 teams will move on while eight are sent home.  The play-in stage will last approximately one week from Sep. 29 through Oct. 4.

Group stage will feature the 16 remaining teams as they are split into groups of four and will battle it out in a double-round robin format. The top two teams in each group will advance to the quarterfinals. The Group Stage will be held in New York City and will last from Oct. 7-16. Quarterfinals will be held in the same location and will be held from Oct 20-23.

Then, the semi-finals will be held in Atlanta, Georgia at the State Farm Arena which will go down on Oct 29-30 and Worlds 2022 will conclude with the finals in San Francisco at the Chase Center on November 5.


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